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Keeping You Safe From Covid-19

At Archery Games safety has always been our top priority.

Archery Dodgeball is a small group activity suited for groups of 4 to 16. Our 5,000sf facility provides plenty of room for social distancing, and none of our games require close person-to-person contact.

We’ve taken important precautions to keep our customers, staff, and community as safe as possible amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. No extra charge for totally sessions. We’re now offering public games to accommodate small groups but if you’d prefer to keep your game private there’s no extra charge to reserve the whole field (just click “book private game” when reserving.  There’s a 4 player minimum and we’re capped at 16 players. Same price of $27/person, but always private no matter the amount of players.

2. Extra precautions for public games. All participants will have their temperature checked upon entering the building.

3. Extra time between sessions. All of our sessions will have a 30 minute gap in between them, allowing us to avoid the mixing of separate groups and provide time for cleaning.

4. Limiting additional celebrations: Due to capacity restrictions in the building, birthday celebrations are not permitted after the games on Saturdays. On Sundays we’ve scheduled extra time to allow the party to continue.

5. Expanded cleaning practices. As always, archery dodgeball masks are thoroughly disinfected between sessions. Each mask is only used once per day Additionally, all bows and high touch game surfaces are disinfected between games.

6. Increased air filtration. Our HVAC can vent out 1400 cubic feet of fresh air per minute, turning over the air in our facility approximately once per hour. Additionally, we’ve invested in additional HEPA air filters (the kind used on commercial airplanes) to help keep the air you’re breathing as clean as possible. Weather permitting, we’ll keep our garage door open to get even more airflow.

7. Hosts will be wearing masks and masks are required. Guests are required to wear masks in the building, per Colorado law. During gameplay all guests are required to wear an archery dodgeball mask, as always, but no additional facial coverings are required during play.

8. Waiver of change fees. If you wish to move your booking please call us at least one hour before your scheduled start time. Please don’t come if you are feeling sick!

9. We’ve added weekday hours! This is totally new outside of large private events we did during the week in the past. Don’t want to wait till the weekend to come play with your family? No worries, we’ve got it covered.

10. Reservations required. We’ve always aimed to operate on a reservation basis, but our accuracy has improved. (Ha, get it?) All sessions must be reserved online prior to the time of arrival. No walk-ins will be accepted. Don’t worry, reservations can be made here, or you can give us a call at 303-305-4531!

We couldn’t be more excited to be reopened and to see the arrows fly once more!