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Archery Games | Denver


Archery Games | Denver


"Uh this is awesome."

"It’s sweaty; it’s heart-pumping, and it’s exhilarating."

"The whole thing was really, really fun."


The most epic activity in Denver. It’s old-school dodgeball with a twist. 2 teams. Up to 20 players. 30 Arrows. calls it “one of the best bachelor party activities we have ever tried” (full review here). Archery dodgeball is the perfect combination of being physically challenging, while requiring no prior experience. Each of our sessions starts with fifteen minutes on the practice range, where we’ll teach your group how to shoot a bow and arrow under pressure.

Then your group will have an hour in the arena to battle it out in the arena with bows and foam tipped arrows. The rules are basically dodgeball; start on opposite sides, run to the middle to grab an arrow, start shooting, but don’t get hit!

Each game is four minutes of refereed gameplay. We’ll start with an introductory game of “Zombie” where players aren’t out. Then we’ll move on to a few different team variations including our crowd favorite, “Jailbreak” (to get back in you’ll have to catch an arrow from one of your teammates. Then we’ll finish it off with a free-for-all battle royale called “Dog Eat Dog”.

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Team Builder! If you haven't done Archery Games as a team builder you are truly missing out. We range in age from 25-60 and it was a fantastic time for all of us. Truly amazing experience, we will definitely be back. Thanks Archery Games. Sincerely, Trimble Team #TrimbleProud

Joe S / Google

The most fun I’ve had in a very long time. Period.

Trevor James, Google

SO much fun! We did this for a company event and it was incredible - the staff is very friendly and helpful and they knew how to keep it fun the entire time.

-Stephanie King, Google

My son's 11th birthday party took place at Archery Games and it was a blast! All of the kids had a great time, and we adults did as well! The Archery Games team made it fun and exciting. We will be back 😉

-Lyndsay Koch, Google

What a GREAT experience!! My friends and I were in Denver on a bachelor trip.. found this place and we all loved it. Very unique activity. No prior experience required. Just fun to be had and memories to be made! Staff was great and helpful. Wish I could go back to Denver just for this!

-Edgar Canales

Rating: 5

Just the most fun you can have! 11 members of my family, aged 9 through 70 thoroughly enjoyed shooting at each other while attempting to run for their lives to escape a flurry of arrows. The hardest part is setting the arrow guide to the string while ducking behind a barrier. GO and have a great memory!

-Kay Holmes

Weekend Pricing

We offer Regular Sessions where you can book into one of our public games and join other players. Private Games are available if you would like to reserve the entire arena for your group.

Regular Session
per player

  • All Equipment
  • Training
  • Target Practice
  • Fully-Refereed Game Play
  • Mix of up to 8 Game Types
Private Game for 20 players
per session

  • All Equipment
  • Training
  • Target Practice
  • Fully-Refereed Game Play
  • Mix of up to 8 Game Types

Have a private game for only your group in the arena