Archery Birthdays


Archery dodgeball is the perfect combination of being physically challenging, while requiring no prior experience. Each of our sessions starts with fifteen minutes on the practice range, where we’ll teach your group how to shoot a bow and arrow under pressure. Suitable for ages 7+!

Then, your group will have an hour in the arena to battle it out with bows and foam-tipped arrows. The rules are basically dodgeball; start on opposite sides, run to the middle to grab an arrow, start shooting, but don’t get hit!

Each game is four minutes of refereed gameplay. We’ll start with an introductory game of “Zombie” where players swap sides when hit. Then we’ll move on to a few different team variations including our crowd favorite, “Jailbreak” (to get back in you’ll have to catch an arrow from one of your teammates!). We’ll finish it off with a free-for-all battle royale called “Dog Eat Dog”.


After the games, celebrate in our shared picnic/banquet area for up to 30 minutes!

Feel free to order your favorite pizza and bring a cake!

Add our optional birthay package ($30) for a reserved table with table cloths, plates, cups, and plasticware. The birthday kiddo will also receive choice of shirt, hat, or steel water bottle!


Additional players can be added day of the event if there is space available!

Public ARCHERY Session


per player
  • Adults: $30
  • All Equipment
  • Trained Target Practice
  • Fully-Refereed Game Play
  • Mix of up to 8 Game Types
  • Bring your own food and (soft) drinks!

Kid's Weekend Special
Private ARCHERY SESSION for 12 kids (ages 16 and below)


Up to 12 players
  • All Equipment
  • Trained Target Practice
  • Fully-Refereed Game Play
  • Mix of up to 8 Game Types
  • Additional players are $22 each (Up to 20 total)
  • Bring your own food and (soft) drinks!
A private session for only your group in the arena

Private ARCHERY SESSION for 16 players


Up to 16 players
  • Host up to 20 players (additional per person rate)
  • All Equipment
  • Trained Target Practice
  • Fully-Refereed Game Play
  • Mix of up to 8 Game Types
  • Bring your own food and (soft) drinks!
A private session for only your group in the arena


Click here for a detailed PDF: Archery BDay Timeline

Guests should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. The Archery Dodgeball sessions are 75 minutes, including 15 minutes on the practice range and an our in the arena. All equipment is provided (Bow, Facemask & Armguard).

Our host will oversee a mix of game modes! Each game generally lasts about 5 minutes, and we’ll take a short water break about halfway through.

Then, you can enjoy 30 minutes at a table in the lobby for cake & celebrations.

Yes, all archery games participants must have a waiver signed by THEIR OWN parent / guardian before entering the arena.

You can sign the waiver online here.

Your group has the option of reserving a private session, or booking into an existing public group.

Our birthday package ($30 additional) reserves a table, and adds table cloths, plates, utensils, cups, and a choice of gift for the birthday person (shirt, hat, steel water bottle). You are also welcome to bring your own decorations and supplies (no balloons please)!

If you have booked a private event, then you do not need to inform us if your player count changes. Please be aware that there may be extra charges based on the package you have purchased. 

For public games, please let us know as soon as possible if you think there will be a change to your number of attendees.

Our online calendar is always live, and bookings can be made here !

A 50% deposit is required for private sessions. Public sessions are paid in full in advance. 

We have snacks and light food for sale, but for groups that would like a meal we suggest ordering in. You’re
welcome to order from anywhere you’d like. For pizza we suggest Brooklyn’s Finest or Domino’s.

We recommend everyone arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. We will often have a birthday prior to your session, so the tables are subject to availability until after your session. 

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own decorations. We request that you do not bring balloons as they often get released and stuck in the net. If they are released, there is an additional clean up fee. 

To play Archery Dodgeball, we recommend that all players are aged 7+ for the best experience. 

For private events, one week’s notice is required to cancel a reservation. For public games, 48 hours notice is required. All refunds are subject to a 6% credit card transaction fee. 


Our detailed FAQ can be found in our Birthday Guide listed above!

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