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30+ Awesome Things To Do In Denver With Kids

30+ Awesome Things to Do in Denver with Kids

We know that you and the kids always have your Summer holidays filled up, right?

Well, here are a list of thirty other things that, if you plan on doing one of these each week for the other seasons of the year you have 30 weeks of fun, adventure, excitement, learning and yum planned.

Some will need a little bit more forward planning and others you simply need to plug the address into your cars GPS and head there.

And of course, for most of the things on this list, there is fun for the big kids too.

Enjoy the ’30+ Awesome Things to Do In Denver with Kids’ adventure, exploring what Denver has to offer. You and your kids might find your next favorite thing to do from this list. Don’t be surprised.

Each of these things fills in around an hour of time, so what a great way to spend a hour entertaining the kids.

Activity 1 – Archery Dodgeball at Archery Games

For fun and loads of exercise grab the family and your best friends and spend time at Archery Games. It is dodge ball with a different. You are playing with foam tipped arrows instead. Your ultimate aim as a team is to touch or tag all of the members of the opposite team with a shooting arrow to sit them out of the game. The arrows

Each session runs for 75 minutes which includes 15 minutes of training from the staff on how to use the bow and arrows. So, you don’t need to have any archery experience. You can imagine the fun and laughter, not to mention, exercise you’ll have spending an hour here on a rainy or wet day.

Did you know that during the Middle Ages, a skilled long bowman could release between 10-12 arrows per minute? Bet you can’t reach that level.

And of course, the team that wins has ultimate bragging rights until the next time you have a contest, because it’s not fun competition until you’ve beaten the opposition more than once.

Oh, and you can take your own food and drinks to have after you have exhausted yourself running around and shooting arrows for an hour too.  Archery games has tables you can reserve to relax and enjoy just being together after your game.

This activity is physical (running) and there is an entry fee.

Activity 2 – Tour Ball Arena the former Pepsi Center

Yes, that’s right it is the home of the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche.

If you have a basketball or hockey fan in the family then you don’t want to miss doing a behind the scenes tour of where the teams play.

You get to see the hallway where the Avalanche warm up prior to the game, as well as go into the arena to see where the press sits and down close to the ice. If you are lucky the Avs might even be there practicing.

Ball Arena has tours during the winter months (October – May) tours are held Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm. And Saturdays at 10 am and 12 pm. No tours on Sundays or holidays. And during the Summer (May – October) same times throughout the week with no tours on weekends or holidays.

You can easily do a walk-up tour, so not a lot of prior planning is needed.

This activity is physical (walking) and there is an entry fee.

Activity 3 – Putters Pride Mini Golf Course

There are 54 holes of adventure at Putters Pride Mini Golf Course. What fun. That of course is three different 18-hole courses to have fun on. You definitely must go back to experience each of the three courses.

Naturally, you can only play mini golf during the summer months. It’s a bit hard to hit and find a golf ball in the snow!

They are open every day during Summer in Lakewood. Apparently, a round takes approximately 45 minutes depending on how fast you play and how busy the course is. That is according to their website. So, allow yourself an hour and get in a round of mini-golf before grocery shopping.

Test out your golfing ability and have fun on the mini golf course. What will your highest round score be?

This activity is physical (walking) and there is an entry fee.

Activity 4 – Wings Over the Rockies – Air and Space Museum

Wings Over the Rockies is not your typical museum. Sure one of the two sites they operate is an air and space museum, but the other site is at an operational airport facility. At Exploration of Flight you get to immerse yourself in aviation. That’s sounds like loads of fun doesn’t it.

This is a Boeing facility so you know that the information and activities you get to engage with will be top rate.

There are flight simulators, and if your child is set on becoming a pilot they might like to join the EAA’s Young Eagles Program. This program aims to educate children about aerospace and offer kids 8-17 free flights every third Saturday of the month.

I am guessing you might not have realized this much different fun was available.

This activity stimulates the mind and there is an entry fee.

Activity 5 – Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

Imagine having fun with a scavenger hunt at the Denver Museum of Miniature, Dolls and Toys. It would be just as much fun as spending time with a Where’s Wally book, right?

The DMMDT has a virtual hunt guide so you can load it up on the kids iPad or tablet and let them track through the Museum finding each of the items listed. It’s a fun way of exploring the museum and using their detective skills at the same time.

This museum is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so when the kids are bored and you want something new and fun for them to do, visit Lakewood and let them have try this scavenger hunt.

Did you know there are over 20,000 different objects that the staff at the museum use to set up the exhibits that you will get to explore.

This activity stimulates the mind and there is an entry fee.

Activity 6 – Hammonds Candy Factory

Imagine the smell of fresh candy being made. Watch the lollipops come of the production line and who knows you might choose to taste some.

Visit Hammonds Candy Factory. Their free tours are available Monday thru Saturday. With big viewing windows and video’s, the kids get to learn all about the art of making their lollipops and candy canes.

Tours last 30 minutes, but that doesn’t include candy eating time afterwards.

This is a physical activity (walking) and is free.

Activity 7 – Cycle the Bike Path from Downtown to Cherry Creek

Did you know there was a great bike path filled with amazing artwork that starts in Downtown Denver and heads out to Cherry Creek. It is called the Cherry Creek Trail and it is 40 miles long. You might not want to cycle it all, but there are sections of amazing artwork along the way.

The Art Trail starts at Confluence Park and goes all the way out to Broadway, which is a 2.5 mile ride and takes around 16 minutes. You can continue further along and ride all the way out to Cherry Creek and the shopping mall for refreshments, then turn around and head back to Downtown.

This is a physical activity (cycling) and is free.

Activity 8 – The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Did you know you can see lions and tigers really close to Denver? The Wild Animal Sanctuary across two locations in Denver and one in Texas cares for 600 lions, tiger, bears and wolves. So, they are some of the animals you will see when you visit the sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is in Keenesburg, Colorado so will take some planning for a trip. It has 1.5 miles of elevated walkways, so you get to walk about the natural habitat areas for the animals and watch them being themselves.

This is not a zoo. The animals at the sanctuary have been rescued and live in very natural habitats where they can roam freely.

The sanctuary takes care of rescued animals using donations. So, if your kids want a great place to donate some of their pocket money that will go to a worthy cause, they can do that at the sanctuary.

Hours at the Wild Animal Sanctuary are 9am until sunset every day.

This is a physical activity (walking) and there is an entry fee.

Activity 9 – Water World Colorado

Thrills and spills are what you get when you visit Water World Colorado. There are so many fun activities to do and go on at this water park you won’t know where to start.

It all depends on how much of a ‘thrill factor’ you want to experience. Each of the rides or attractions is rated and whether they are family attractions and available for little ones or have height restrictions.

When the sun is out this sure looks like the place for loads of fun, not to mention getting cooled off.

Water World is open from late May through to Early September, so you do need to plan a visit. When the weather isn’t good the park may also not be open, therefore planning ahead is a must.

But with so much to see and do, in the Summer, it will be easy to find a day for fun in the sun, and water.

This is a physical activity (water sports) and there is an entry fee.

Activity 10 – Dart Arena Denver

There is nothing like a battle to the deck with a nerf gun. That’s right you kids get to chase their opponent be that their brother, sister or best friend around Dart Arena and have fun shooting them with a nerf gun.

It’s safe and loads of fun and the ultimate nerf war experience. Get them out of the house to let out some of their pent-up energy. Let the crew run for an hour having ultimate fun and bragging rights about who won. Not that that’s the point of course, it is all about the amount of fun had.

And the score count at Nerf Wars on that front would be mega.

Nerf Wars is open seven days a week and one-hour sessions are available by appointment.

This is a physical activity and there is an entry fee.

Activity 11 – Go to an Avalanche Game

If your child is a Colorado Avalanche fan then why not take them to an Avs game? It is such a great experience for them.

Here are some of the great things that you can do, including watching the game itself.

Go early. The doors to Ball Arena open an hour before the game. The fun starts about half an hour before game time itself. Make sure your kids have made a warm up sign. Get them to create a message for their favorite player. The family are allowed down onto the lower level, up against the boards in order to watch warm-ups no matter where your game tickets are.

They will be able to hold up their sign for their player to see and who knows they may get thrown a game puck on the day. Every now and then that happens. No guarantees of course.

Once warms ups finish you take your regular seats. If you want cheaper seats the Third level is the place to be. It’s high up and you get a great view of the entire ice. Down in the lower bowl the seats are more expensive, and the thrill is watching what’s happening in your area up close. The view of the whole rink is not a great.

Listen for the overhead announcements because at the end of the second period, Bernie is available at his dog park on the concourse so the kids can go and meet him and have a photo taken with him. That is loads of fun.

Then you get to experience the game itself. There are often freebies at the start of the game being given out as you enter the arena, so you will often go home with a memento of the game. If it is your child’s first time to Ball Arena go to the Guest Service area and ask for a ‘First Time’ badge.

And you got the thrill of watching the Avs win, which of course you hope they do. Go Avs!

This is a quiet activity (sitting) and there is an entry fee.

Activity 12 – Butterfly Pavilion

Not only do you get to walk amongst some stunningly beautiful butterflies the kids get to learn about the insects that are familiar in their own back yard.

The Butterfly Pavilion has exhibits of butterflies, underwater invertebrates, arthropods otherwise known as spiders, and the ability to watch butterflies hatch out of their chrysalis.

Explore the butterflies and other insects seven days a week.

This is a quiet activity (walking) and there is an entry fee.

Activity 13 – Earth Treks Indoor Rock Climbing

If the kids have wanted to try indoor rock climbing, then this is the place to visit. In fact it could be the perfect place for a fun family outing. You can try the climbing walls too.

They have a drop-in climb pass available that includes harness rental and three climbs. And you also have an instructor there to help you get a handle on how to climb.  The kids will love the exhilaration and fun of learning the art of balance and stamina.

Earth Treks Indoor Rock Climbing hosts these drop in climbs every Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 5pm. And it is for ages 5+.

I bet you didn’t know that indoor rock climbing was due to debut at the Toyko Olympics in 2020. Even fun things like this have become an Olympic sport.

This is a physical activity and there is an entry fee.  This activity is in Engelwood.

Activity 14 – Engelwood Miniature Train & Children’s Farm at Belleview Park


Belleview Park hosts the miniature train and the children’s farm. The miniature train travels around the park and is fun for tiny tots to middle age children.

The train is host to over 60,000 visitors a year and you can travel on it on a first come first served basis. So, if it is on your trip list, it’s a must to get there early.

And after the train ride the kids might also enjoy visiting the children’s farm. The kids get to pat and interact with the animals as long as you are there with them.

This is a quiet activity (walking) and there is a minimal entry fee. This activity is in Engelwood.

Activity 15 – Denver Museum of Nature and Science

There are so many fun things to do at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science that you will want to schedule more than one visit I’m sure.

The exhibits at the Museum change regularly, so every time you visit there will be something new to explore. But if it’s a more quiet time you’re after, then the Planetarium is always there with it’s amazing big screen shows about planetary wonders.

And the iMax theatre is always showing something spectacular on the huge, big screen.

If the kids are bored of doing nothing and want a little mental stimulation, this is definitely the place to go.

Oh and I bet you didn’t know that the Museum has a fun stay at home series that the kids can watch. It’s lunch with science educators. They talk about all sorts of fun things like the March Madness where animals are put against each other to see who would win, in their normal habitat. Sounds like fun.


This activity stimulates the mind and there is an entry fee. This activity is in Downtown.

Activity 16 – Ken Caryl Sledding Hill

denver kids snow hill

What fun! Nothing like getting out on one of Denver’s many beautiful crisp Winters days and enjoying time in the snow. Take the kids and their sledding gear and head to Ken Caryl Sledding Hill.

You will keep them happy for more than an hour on this activity I’m guessing. I’m sure they will race each other over and over again. And then sleep well. What a bonus!

Whilst there isn’t a lot of parking close to the hill itself there is ample parking in areas close by.

Activity 17 – Visit Sloans Lake

Did you know that Sloans Lake has the second largest park in Denver around it?  The lake itself is in a beautiful setting where you can view the Front Range whilst you walk the perimeter of the lake. It’s one of those great places to take a picnic too as there are a ton of places to stop and set up your picnic.

There is nothing like viewing the lake frozen in Winter either. The walking path around the lake is open all year round. The kids can take their bikes and ride around whilst you walk too, which is loads of fun.

And if you want to plan something even more special, then in July there is a Dragon Boat Festival on the lake, so if the kids have never seen a Dragon Boat before, this will be their chance.

This is a physical activity (walking or cycling) and is free.  This activity is in Edgewater.

Activity 18 – Dinosaur Ridge

Did you know that Dinosaur Ridge is home to the worlds first Stegosaurus discovery?

Do you have a dinosaur lover in the family? They are going to absolutely LOVE visiting the home of more than 300 amazing dinosaur tracks. You can hear their ooohhs and aahs already, right?

There are five different trails to follow that allow you to explore and learn about the different dinosaurs that lived in the area.

This is a physical activity day because the only way to see the trails is to walk them, so explain this to the kids before you leave home. And come prepared for the weather conditions.

This activity is a physical activity and it stimulates the mind. There is a fee. This activity is in Morrison.

Activity 19 – Denver Firefighters Museum

The Denver Firefighters Museum holds a raft of history about the fire service in Denver from 1866 to the present day.

Every child at some time in your life loves the idea of riding the fire truck. The museum hosts a special kid’s section upstairs to provide them with information around the fire service and firefighting in general.

The Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

So, take the kids along and let them be a firefighter for an hour. It’s loads of fun.

This activity stimulates the mind and there is an entry fee.  This activity is in Downtown Denver.

Activity 20 – Family Scavenger Hunt

Complete challenges, solve puzzles, now how many kids do you know that don’t love doing that?

There are several different family scavenger hunt options in and around Denver. Some start in LoDo (Downtown) and tour around the inner-city area, whilst there is also a Boulder option if you want to enjoy a day out of the urban environment.

The best part about these scavenger hunts is that you can do them at any time.

This activity both stimulates the mind and is physical. There is a fee. This activity is in Downtown Denver or Boulder.

Activity 21 – Tour Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies

Take the kids on a behind the scenes tour of Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies.

Tours last approximately 45-60 minutes. Don’t be disappointed because you may not get to go into the dressing rooms, but at least the kids will get to see the ballpark from a different perspective – close up.

If you take a tour during the season, there’s a good chance you might get to stand at home plate. Now that’s a great photo opportunity.

This is a physical activity (walking) and there is a fee.  This activity is in Downtown Denver.

Activity 22 – Children’s Museum of Denver

There are so many things to explore and do at the Children’s Museum of Denver the kids will be in a frenzy from the moment you get there. We apologize in advance.

The Museum contains so many fun play areas whether the kids want to have fun with water or pretend to be a vet for a little while. Each exhibit is well put together and the kids just love moving from one to the other, exploring all of the different tactile adventures.

You can easily fill more than an hour at the Museum with so many fun things to see and do.

This activity both stimulates the mind and is physical. There is a fee. This activity is in Downtown Denver.

Activity 23 – Story Time at Your Local Library

There are 272 public libraries in Colorado, so there is sure to be one close by you at any given time.

Many of the libraries host story time or other fun activities that you can take the kids too. And what’s great is that not only do they enjoy fun with other kids and getting to engage with books, whilst you are there, if its your local library you can bring home some books too.

You might also be surprised at the online resources that are available. Check out your local library and see what fun activities are available both in person and virtually, for your kids.

This is a quiet activity and is free. This activity is in your local area.

Activity 24 – Boondocks Food and Fun

Boondocks is a fun adventure space where there are a ton of different activities the kids can have fun with, whether that’s the rope course, bowling, mini golf, go karts or the bumper boats. In fact there is a ton of fun to be had for all the family.

And, what’s great is that you can make a day of it and enjoy the food while you’re there. Boondocks is closed Mondays and Tuesdays but open every other day.

This is a physical activity and there is a fee. This activity is in Northglenn or Parker.

Activity 25 – Skate City

At Skate City the kids can learn to roller skate, if they don’t already, or have fun skating or playing inline hockey.

This might be one of those places that you visit just for a fun hour of skating, only to find that you’re going back regularly because they’ve taken to inline hockey and want to play.

Skate City has six different locations, four in the Denver metro area and two in Colorado Springs. There is an hour for tiny tots and Mum or Dad skating on Sundays between 11am and noon too, so you don’t need to be afraid that your little ones are going to be run over by the bigger kids.

This is a physical activity and there is a fee. This activity is available in Denver metro and Colorado Springs.

Activity 26 –Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens is both a theme park and a water park. So, whether the kids want to spend the day on the theme rides, or in the water park having fun in the sun, it’s all here in the one place.

Either option provide both thrilling and family fun. Whether its riding one of the new rides introduced in 2019, or floating on a tube enjoying the water and sun, this is the place to visit.

The water park is open from Memorial Day through to Labor Day.

There are 13 different theme park rides specifically for the kids, so they are sure to have fun riding on those.

This is a quiet activity and there is a fee.  This activity is in Downtown Denver.

Activity 27 – Little Man Ice Cream

Have you ever taken the kids to visit Little Man Ice Cream?

Not only will you be served fresh ice cream and waffle cones out of this ice cream can, there are other fun things to do their too.

The whole family can enjoy cones, sundaes, splits, shakes or floats. There is something for everyone. And they have a calendar of events running all year round too.

This is a quiet activity and is free. This activity is in Downtown Denver.

Activity 28 – Chamberlan Observatory

This historic telescope at Denver University hosts two public nights at the Chamberlan Observatory where you can take the kids and explore the night sky. You’ll get to watch a multimedia presentation about astronomy, then have the opportunity to look at the stars and planets yourself.

These nights are hosted by the Denver Astronomical Society and its members are there to answer any questions you or the kids might have about astronomy.

The public nights are held on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at the observatory.

This activity stimulates the mind and there is a fee. This activity is in South Denver at Denver University.

Activity 29 – Play Spaces at the Malls

Many of the Shopping Malls in and around Denver contain a little kid play space. These spaces hold climbing objects and fun spaces for the kids to play and have fun, all within a controlled environment where you can easily watch them.

Colorado Mills has a new play space which has been created in conjunction with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and is themed ‘The Mars Outpost.’

And while you are visiting Colorado Mills don’t forget to take the kids to the Lego Store. There are fun activities for them to do, and they will often get lego pieces to take home with them.

At Cherry Creek Mall the kids can have fun in the Looney Tunes themed play space.

FlatIron Crossing has a dinosaur themed play area sponsored by National Geographic.

This is a physical activity (running) and is free. This activity is at a number of locations in the Denver Metro area.

Activity 30 – Denver Skate Parks

There are around 62 free skateparks in Denver if you have a member of the family who loves to skateboard.

Each park has it’s own unique features and trick areas to try out. The parks are maintained and usually have a restroom and water fountain close by.

Usually once the kids get to the park they don’t want to leave as they continue to refine and master new tricks. So don’t expect to only be at the Skate Park for an hour.

This is a physical activity and is free.  This activity is around the broader Denver Metropolitan area.

Denver has a whole range of family friendly activities that the kids and the kids-at-heart can enjoy together. For even more ideas for awesome activities to do around Denver check out TravelLemming’s  58 Epic Things to Do in Denver (According to a Local) .