21 Actually Fun Activities for Teens in Denver

Our guide to the most adrenaline-packed activities for teens in Denver

It’s hard to be bored in Denver. From rivers to 14ers, from museums to trampoline parks, Denver has a lot to offer. But by the teenage year, most Denverites will have experienced some form of these at least once.

Teens are always on the cutting edge, whether it’s the latest social media or the adventure sport, so we’ve done our best to gather up the latest and greatest from around Denver to keep even the most cutting-edge teen entertained (for the better part of an afternoon at least)

With that in mind, here are 21 activities every Denver teen should have on their bucket list:

1) Play Archery Dodgeball at Archery Games

Archery and dodgeball may not seem like two words you’d often see next to each other, but Archery Games Denver has done just that. Wielding bows and foam-tipped arrows, two teams will battle it out in the Archery Dodgeball arena.

Archery Games provides all of the equipment, and each session starts off with introduction to how to shoot a bow and arrow. So no prior archery experience necessary.

They’ll then lead you through a series of games game modes that will keep your heart pumping and the sweat dripping.

2) Hit the Water Slides at Water World

Denver summers are hot. Fortunately, Water World is America’s largest water park, with attractions spread over 70 acres. While water parks may sound like more a children’s activity, Water World brings the thrills with giant water slides and a hydromagnetic (we have no idea what that means either, but it looks awesome) watercoaster.

Or for those just looking to cool off, Water World has a collection of not-so-lazy rivers and

Note: Sadly, Water World decided to remain closed for the summer of 2019. With such a massive park, crowd control can be difficult.

3) Learn to Rock Climb at Ubergrippen

Rock climbing walls have been popping up around Denver, and the sport is definitely worth giving a try if you haven’t already. Ubergrippen’s “crag” is spectacular, covering 12,000 square feet with climbing routes for all levels.

Ubergrippen has introductory classes that will supply you all the equipment you need, teach you the basics, guide you through a few climbs, and then let you use the auto-belays to your heart’s content (or until you’re too tired to grip the rocks).

4) Ski All Year Round at Snobahn

Winter is usually what comes to mind when people think of skiing, but Snobahn has changed that. As the first indoor ski/snowboard park in the US, Snobahn features what are basically giant “snow-like” covered treadmills. For beginners, they offer 30 minute introductory lesson.

Or for those more experienced skiers/snowboarders ready to test their skills, Snobahn offers a “mega-ramp with a Hyperdrive accelerator system into a soft air bag”, complete with introductory trampolines and lessons to teach you how to perfect that back flip.

5) Escape in Under 60 Minutes at Puzzle Effect

Escape rooms seem to have swept across the country, and with good reason: they’re a ton of fun. The premise is simple; you’re “locked” (the door doesn’t actually lock for fire escape reasons, but it’s fun to act like it does) in a room and you have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles and complete a mission.

Denver has a number of escape rooms to choose from, but for those on the North side of town Puzzle Effect is our favorite. Grim Stacks is the first escape room we completed (yes, we did actually solve it, although not with much time left) and since then we’ve been hooked.

6) Hurl Axes at Bad Axe Throwing

6) Hurl Axes at Bad Axe Throwing
Image Credit: badaxethrowing.com

Unique and thrilling, axe throwing has gained a lot of popularity in Denver. There’s nothing more Colorado than channeling your inner lumberjack, and at Bad Axe Throwing, the world’s largest urban ax-throwing club, you can do just that.

The new Denver location has 5,000 square feet of space and 16 targets. You’ll be set up with your own private lane, guided by a coach who will teach you the art of throwing, host games, and even organize a private tournament for your group.

7) Go Kart Racing at K1 Speed

Go Kart Racing at K1 Speed
Image Credit: k1speed.com

Race high-performance electric karts around a 60,000 sq. ft professionally designed track at K1 Speed. The lightweight karts boast 20hp and can accelerate to 45 mph in seconds.

The course has been built to challenge racers of all skill levels, no experience – or driver’s license – is needed. You’ll be briefed on track safety, racing rules, and kart operation before you’re ready to take off. Compete against your friends or beat your previous best time.

8) Take a Ghost Tour with Denver Terrors

8) Take a Ghost Tour with Denver Terrors
Image Credit: denverterrors.com

Take a chilling tour of Denver’s most haunted locations. Spooky stories dating all the way back to the gold rush, even the preserved head of a gang outlaw! Denver Terrors will take you to all the sites haunted by tragedies past, and share the infamous details of greed, power, and vengeful ghosts.

The tour has 8 stops from the Capitol Hill Building to the Brown Palace Hotel. You can also take the extended tour for even more eerie tales. These haunted locations are guaranteed to give you chills!

9) Paddle Boarding at Big Soda Lake

9) Paddle Boarding at Big Soda Lake
Image Credit: rockymtnpaddleboard.com

The Bear Creek Reservoir has a beautiful view of Red Rocks Amphitheater and the Rocky Mountain foothills. Located on the southwestern side of Denver’s suburb Lakewood, Rocky Mountain Paddleboard offers standup paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes by the hour.

They even have lessons for beginners and paddleboard yoga classes. Located in Bear Creek Lake Park, you’ll be supplied with all the equipment needed for an afternoon on the water.

10) Indoor Skydiving at IFLY Denver

10) Indoor Skydiving at IFLY Denver
Image Credit: iflyworld.com

Experience flying with indoor skydiving at IFLY – no jumping out of a plane necessary. You’ll suit up in a flight suit, helmet, and goggles in preparation to glide through the air.

The facility has a 12’ by 45’ vertical wind tunnel powered by four fans to lift you into a 120 mph windstream. A seasoned instructor can guide you through your first time or help you nail more advanced techniques. Who hasn’t dreamed of flying?

11) Cooking Classes With Uncorked Kitchen

Cooking Classes With Uncorked Kitchen
Image Credit: uncorkedkitchen.com

Cooking isn’t only a life skill, but also a fun artistic outlet. Uncorked Kitchen offers chef-led cooking classes for teens and adults alike. Get your hands dirty and learn techniques from knife skills to chef-level pastries.

You’ll get your own cooking station and all the ingredients you need for the meal. They have classes for aspiring chefs of all levels. Bonus: you get to take home your chef-level dishes at the end.

12) Meow Wolf

13) Virtual Reality Social
Image Credit: meowwolf.com

Meow Wolf is a mind-blowing interactive art world created in Convergence Station. A truly epic playground for the senses, it’s an unbeatable experience. The 90,000-square-foot exhibit is an expression of travel between Earth and four alien worlds.

Not only an art exhibit, Meow Wolf hosts a range of events, from dance parties to comedy shows and concerts.

13) Virtual Reality Social

13) Virtual Reality Social
Image Credit: virtualrealitysocial.com

A new breed of arcade, Virtual Reality Social is so much more. Choose from a 9D movie theater, virtual race track, escape room, or even a wireless arena where you can freely move around in virtual reality.

All of this is on top of their virtual arcade, which has over 100 games to choose from. Host a party in a virtual world or attend one of their special events.

14) Family Night at the Grizzly Rose

14) Family Night at the Grizzly Rose
Image Credit: grizzlyrose.com

Step into Denver’s country music scene at the Grizzly Rose. Immerse yourself in live music, a lively dance floor, and perhaps take a ride on the mechanical bull! Family nights every Sunday welcome all ages, featuring a complimentary line dancing class starting at 7.

With an electric atmosphere and a variety of activities, the venue has become a cornerstone of Denver’s country culture.

15) Top Golf

15) Top Golf
Image Credit: topgolf.com

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just getting started, Top Golf’s expansive three-story driving lane caters to all skill levels. You’ll be directed to your exclusive hitting bay, where you can tee off toward giant targets.

The standout feature? The golf balls automatically keep score, freeing you up to explore a variety of games and enjoy the full restaurant service within the comfort of your private bay.

16) Hone Your Archery Skills at a Local Archery Range

16) Hone Your Archery Skills at a Local Archery Range

For those looking for something a little more calm than Archery Dodgeball, traditional archery may be just your thing. Denver has plenty of classes and ranges to choose from.

17) Learn Acrobatics at Fly Mile High

17) Learn Acrobatics at Fly Mile High
Image Credit: milehightrapeze.com

Picture this: You stroll into a party, and casually drop the bomb that you’re a trapeze expert. Well, guess what? Fly Mile High offers beginner-level and one-time classes in trapeze artistry.

It’s not just an amazing workout; it’s downright exhilarating. Imagine doing flips and tricks, safely harnessed, and being caught by a pro or landing in a cushy safety net. Even in groups of up to 10, their coaches tailor the experience to each person’s comfort level. They even do parties and events!

18) Play Paintball at American Paintball Coliseum

18) Play Paintball at American Paintball Coliseum
Image Credit: americanpaintballcoliseum.com

Gear up for an adrenaline-packed day at the American Paintball Coliseum – the ultimate destination for paintball, laser tag, and airsoft. With a colossal 26,000 sq. ft indoor paintball arena and an expansive 65-acre outdoor space, they hold the title of Colorado’s largest paintball and airsoft field.

All ages and skill levels are invited to join in on a number of custom games. With rental equipment available and an all-day pass at your disposal, all that’s required is a dash of courage and a keen aim

19) Become a Ninja at Ninja Nation

19) Become a Ninja at Ninja Nation
Image Credit: ninjanation.com

Beef up your parkour skills with obstacle races and channel your inner ninja warrior. Ninja Nation‘s 17,000 sq. foot gym is the ultimate playground to unlock the American Ninja Warrior experience.

Led by former ninja warriors, Ninja Nation is an environment that not only transforms your skills but also boosts your confidence. Drop in for their open gym to test your mettle, or learn new skills with their classes.

20) Disc Golf at Camenisch Park

Disc Golf at Camenisch Park
Image Credit: hylandhills.org

Camenisch Park stands out with its picturesque disc golf setting, featuring two free 18-hole courses. Disc golf is an entertaining yet challenging game, fun for players of all levels.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the game, these courses provide a fun and engaging afternoon. Enjoy the great outdoors, perfect your throw, and admire the view of the Denver skyline.

Why is this a bonus instead of on the main list? Well, it isn’t technically in Denver. For those willing to make about an hour drive out to Idaho Springs, Liquid Descent offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced whitewater rafting trips down Clear Creek in Colorado Springs.