Fun Date Ideas in Denver Other Than a Brewery

29 Fun Date Ideas in Denver Other than a Brewery

Looking for date ideas to impress a new catch or add some excitement to your relationship?
Well, you’re in the right place. In this day and age, the typical movie or dinner date simply doesn’t work anymore as people are looking for unique things to do in their relationships.
Here’s the thing- when most people think about dates in Denver, the first thing that comes to mind is breweries. But, we’re here to tell you that there’s so much more to do in the Mile High City.
Whether you’re empty nesters looking for excitement, going on a first date, or simply want to go on new adventures with your partner, here’s 29 ideas for a unique night out!

1. Sip Mezcal at La Dona Mezcaleria

Image courtesy of La Dona

What’s a date without some cocktails to loosen you up, right? While grabbing a drink may sound played out, La Dona Mezcaleria provides a totally unique experience. Enjoy a wide selection of sippable Mezcal, Mezcal-forward cocktails, and traditional Oaxacan food.
Whether it’s your first date, or you’re looking to try something new, La Dona is perfect for bonding and having a great time with the apple of your eye.

2. Cook your own Shabu Shabu at Kobe An

Shabu Shabu at Kobe An
Image Credit: westword

While dinner dates are always fun, a unique culinary experience is something you can really bond over.
Kobe An offers traditional Japanese cuisine that you can cook and customize to your own personal taste in a traditional Japanese hot pot (Shabu Shabu). Choose from a selection of proteins served with noodles, vegetables and traditional sauces.
This is an experience that will bring out team spirit during your date and encourage you and your partner to work together and come up with a meal you will both enjoy!

3. Relax at The Beer Spa

Beer Spa
Image Credit: thebeerspa

Ok, so we said no breweries, and we plan on sticking to our word, but The Beer Spa is something a bit different. Enjoy one of their signature bubbly beer baths, followed up by an infrared sauna or massage chair.
The Beer Spa offers local ciders, craft beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages as you enjoy luxury spa amenities with your date. Talk about two date locations in one! It’s the ultimate relaxation experience, with a beverage in hand.

4. Listen to Jazz at Nocturne

Nocturne Jazz Club
Image Credit: Sora Digital

You’ve met someone you like and you’d like to impress them. How about a night of listening to smooth jazz?
Raise the bar and let your date know you can be classy and sophisticated while you enjoy a romantic and cozy dinner with jazz playing in the background at Nocturne Jazz. Of course, you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, so why not?
While dinner at Nocturne can get pricey, reserve a seat at the bar for $19 a person.

5. Make sushi at Colorado Sake Co

coloradosakeco sushi
Image Credit: tripadvisor

Sushi lovers, UNITE!
Colorado Sake Co. is a unique venue worth visiting for sake alone, with a rotating selection of locally-made flavored sakes ranging from blueberry hibiscus to horchata (cinnamon and vanilla). While they always have a full food menu, their weekly sushi making classes step it up a notch by teaching you the craft.
You and your date will have a blast making sushi and tasting sake on a date you will never forget.

6. Have a picnic in the park with So Damn Gouda

Image courtesy So Damn Gouda

Picnics in the park gained popularity in 2020 with indoor venues closed, but remain a great (and cost-effective) date option that will give you a quiet space to chat. Whether Wash Park or Sloan’s Lake, Denver has a great local park to choose from.
While a blanket and some BYO beverages will suffice, a charcuterie box from So Damn Gouda is sure to impress.

7. Drink Kombucha at Brew Culture Coffee

Drink Kombucha
Image Credit: westword

While coffee and beer are staples of first dates, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up, especially if you and your date are both keen on a healthy lifestyle. Kombucha can be a bit of an acquired taste, but that just adds to the fun.  Kombucha has a ton of health benefits from being chockfull of healthy probiotics.
Brew Culture Coffee offers up a selection of 8 locally brewed kombuchas, that you and your date can try together. You might be surprised and want a second round!

8. Boulder at Movement Rino

Image courtesy of Google Maps

If you or your date are rock climbers, Movement Rino is the perfect option to show the other partner your hobby. While Movement Rino doesn’t have topropes, their 40,000 square foot facility features over 200 boulder problems for beginners and experts alike.
Bouldering is a great way to try out the sport of rock climbing. There’s no complicated knots to learn, and no belaying. Just gear up with some rental climbing shoes, grab a rock hold and go!

9. Play Arcade Classics at 1Up Arcade+ Bar

How about some arcade games and cocktails for date night? Whether you’re into classics like Pinball, or new games like Maximum Force, adult beverages and arcade games at 1Up Arcade+ Bar are something you should explore.
What’s more, you can double-date for this activity and partner up with your date to show the other team exactly what you’re made of! Good luck!

10. Get Lost Exploring Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf
Image Credit: forbes

Is it magic, spirituality, or out-of-this-world art?
Visiting the Convergence Station at Meow Wolf is an experience you and your date will never forget.
Meow Wolf is a difficult place to describe, but describing the installations as an immersive art experience would simply be an understatement as the narrative here is surreal.

11. Experience Immersive Art at Denver Van Gogh

Immersive Art Date Night
Image Credit: forbes

Take hold of your date’s hand and wander through an immersive discovery of Van Gogh’s journey to becoming one of the world’s most famous artists!
The exhibit features moving images that spare no attention to detail in color and brushstrokes from his still-life paintings and portraits.
What’s more, you can buy tickets for an exclusive date night and enjoy a private experience with your date at Denver Van Gogh.

12. Play Putt Putt at Urban Putt

Image courtesy Urban Putt

Mini golf has been first date classic for decades, and for a reason! It’s fun, while being just the right amount of competitive. Urban Putt mixes things up with a fully indoor, 18 hole course full of unique obstacles and challenges.
Urban Putt has a full food and drink menu, with drinks welcome on the putting greens.
Even if you’ve been dating for a while, mini golf can be an excellent choice for a shared experience.

13. Laugh at Comedy Works

Laughter is good for the soul. And, what better way to help you bond with your partner than a comedy show at Comedy Works? Comedy Works is Denver’s home to stand up comedy. While Denver usually features lesser-known performers, Comedy Works has recently attracted names like Dave Chappelle and Kevin Nealon, so keep an eye on their calendar.
Taking your date to a comedy show illustrates that you can loosen up and have a good sense of humor, so sit back and relax as you listen to funny stories told by strangers.

14. Watch a Movie at Drive-In Movie 88

Drive-In Movie 88
Image Credit: timeout

Ready to switch up your movie date routine? Well, how about a drive in movie date at 88 Drive In?
It’s the perfect chance to cozy up with your date on a Saturday night. Unlike in the past, even though you’re driving in, you usually won’t watch the movie from your car. Be sure to bring some chairs and blankets, and bring along some food and drink. If you have a pick-up truck you can also watch from the bed of the truck.
With the giant screen, lots of people hanging around, and the magical sky above, you and your date will feel pretty special.

15. Enjoy Sunday Evenings at City Park Jazz

Image courtesy Denver Post

Every summer Sunday for 36 years, City Park has transformed itself into a sea of picnics, as people enjoy a free Jazz concert.
Entrance is free, making this another cost-effective option! Bring your own food and drink, grab a drink, and head on over to enjoy some music together!

16. Play Archery Dodgeball at Archery Games Denver

Playing games together is a great way for any couple to bond. Archery dodgeball at Archery Games Denver is a creative twist on a childhood game. It’s all the rules of dodgeball, but played with bows and foam-tipped arrows!
If it’s two people you can book in with existing group, or invite some other couples and make it a group date.
Remember to tell all your couple friends to dress comfortably because this is one experience that will require all your physical and mental input.

17. Find a hike on Alltrails

Find a hike on alltrails
Image Credit: alltrails

Those who say that living life to the fullest doesn’t have to involve hiking don’t know what they’re missing. If you and your partner love the outdoors, this could be the perfect date!
Did you know, hiking offers excellent opportunities for you and your date to have intriguing conversations?
Talk of romance and physical connection while out in the wild! AllTrails can guide you on trails verified by experts so sign up today and start hiking.

18. Visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary

Image courtesy TripAdvisor

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is home to 650 lions, wolves, tigers, and bears!
The mission of the sanctuary is to rescue animals that are suffering and then release them into the wild with those of their kind.
Visiting the sanctuary is a great way to learn about the animals that live here and also offers insights into the importance of love between species.

19. Learn to Line Dance at Grizzly Rose

grizzly rose line dance
Image Credit: grizzlyrose

The Grizzly Rose is famous in Denver for presenting some of the country’s best country music.
The establishment offers 6 nights of country music each week and has hosted some well-known country musicians such as Toby Keith, Gath Brooks, Kenny Chesney, Brooks &Dunn, and so many more.
On Wednesdays, The Grizzly Rose offers free dance lessons, where they’ll teach you to line dance and two-step with your date!

20. Make pottery at Grandma’s House

grandmas beer
Image Credit: grandmasbeer

Ok, so we said no breweries, but you’ve gotta check out Grandma’s Beer. The brewery has a soft spot for crafts and artisans in the city and regularly hosts evenings showcasing local artisans, as well as evening where you can participate together in craft making.
Grandma’s house currently offers pottery painting every Friday evening. Check out Grandma’s Calender here to keep an eye on craft activities that you and your special person can do together.

21. Go on a Haunted Pub Crawl with Nightly Spirits

Haunted pub crawl
Image Credit: alumni.virginia

You didn’t think Denver had any history with ghosts, did you? Well, here’s something you wouldn’t have thought about- a haunted pub crawl with Nightly Spirits.
Enjoy some drinks with your date as you take in stories of the city’s most haunted pubs. Whether you laugh or scream, the truth is that you will have a fun date together!

22. Ride the Lakeside Amusement Park Roller Coaster

Image courtesy of Denver Post

You’ve probably driven past Lakeside Amusement Park, and looked questioningly at their wooden roller coaster. Lakeside first became part of the Denver skyline in 1908, making it a part of Denver history.
It doesn’t matter what age you and your date are, you can both enjoy a fun date at Lakeside Amusement Park.
Some of the most notable attractions here include scenic train rides around the lake and plenty of food and games to keep you busy during your date.
What’s more, you can bring food, or enjoy funnel cakes and other amusement park food with your date!

23. Play Ping Pong at Ace Eat Serve

ace eat serve ping pong
Image Credit: catchcarri

Active dates always ad a bit of excitement to a date versus sitting down and having dinner.
At Ace Eat Serve, you can enjoy modern Asian cuisine then head to the large ping pong hall where you will find a private room and ping pong tables.
Be careful though, this place can get quite crowded but you will have access to bar and kitchen services.

24. Play Pool at Gerard’s Pool Hall

gerards pool hall
So you’re an only an amateur pool player, who cares when there are cocktails to keep you and your date merry?
Gerards Pool Hall is an excellent date spot with Brunswick tables, handcrafted cocktails, and various domestic and craft beers, all located conveniently in Rino.

25. Roller skate at Skate City

skate city colorado
Image Credit: skatecitycolorado

A roller skate date is an exciting date idea that will ensure you and your partner have some well-deserved fun. What’s more, you can dress up for the date and pretend it’s a throwback with bell bottoms and patterned shirts.
This kind of date is the perfect excuse to hold hands and roll around in laughter. Skate City Colorado has four facilities in Denver you can choose from to enjoy roller-skating with the apple of your eye.

26. Ride Swan Boats in City Park with Wheel Fun Rentals

wheel fun rentals
Image Credit: wheelfunrentals

If you’re looking for a romantic experience, City Park Colorado is the perfect place to be for a unique one-of-a-kind swan boat experience.
It’s the perfect opportunity to get close to your date in the evening. Simply make sure you and your date are comfortable by layering up or bringing blankets for when it’s a little chilly.
This is a great cost-effective option, as rental prices for one hour are $11 per adult.

27. Explore the Santa Fe Art Walk

Santa Fe Art Walk
Image Credit: denversartdistrict

Denver’s Santa Fe district comes alive during the First Friday Art Walks held on the first Friday of each month.
Here, you have the opportunity to take in work from a variety of studios, artists, and galleries, with many of them offering drinks for sale.

28. Eat at the South Pearl Farmers Market

South Pearl Farmers Market
Didn’t think walking through a farmer’s market would be an excellent date idea? Well, think again!
South Pearl Farmer’s Market offers the perfect opportunity for you and your date to visit different vendors and indulge in all that they have to sell.
Think sipping on family wines, sampling a variety of cheeses or artisanal chocolate, or spending some time at one of the local food trucks!

29. See a Rockies Game at Coors Field

mlb Baseball game
Image Credit: mlb

Baseball is quite easy-going so it offers the perfect balance between engaging in conversation and distraction. What’s more, if you’ve both agreed to go to a sporting event together, chances are that you’ve got more in common than you might think.
Baseball games at Coors Field aren’t only for first dates though. They’re a great way to have fun with your partner and bond over supporting the same team.

5 Tips to Have a Great Date

Some people prefer spontaneity when it comes to dates and others like to plan to the smallest detail. Whatever you and your partner prefer, it’s best to have some general tips ready so that you’re always prepared to make the most of a date. Here are some ways to ensure you have the best date:

  • Dress Appropriately

How we dress can affect our confidence during a date so it’s important to match the occasion or the activity. For instance, if you’re going to a baseball game, you have to look the part.
A t-shirt and pair of jeans or shorts would do the trick and ensure you’re comfortable when eating and supporting your favorite team.
If you’re going to make pottery on the date, no one expects you to put on your most expensive dress or suit because they don’t match the occasion and would get ruined during the date.

  • Have an Open Mind. Try something new!

You’re not always going to do an activity you’re already used to doing during a date. If your partner suggests an activity you aren’t familiar with, give it a try!
The more you’re willing to go out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a new experience, the more you both can bond over that shared experience.

  • Prepare Beforehand

If this is your first date, you’re most likely anxious about meeting the other person for the first time. Have a few conversation topics in mind.
Remember, the goal isn’t for you to bore your partner with details of your life, but it’s to encourage them to speak more.
It’s ok to talk about your travels all over the world, but make sure you give them enough time to respond to your questions or contribute to the conversation.

  • Personal Hygiene Matters

No matter how long you’ve been dating, you have to look good and smell good. Show your partner that you care about your personal brand. Take a shower, brush your hair, and make sure you put on clean and presentable clothes.
Don’t forget the deodorant. You want to smell fresh even if your date will include sporty activities!

  • Have Fun!

Fun On Dating
A date is not only an opportunity to bond with your partner, but to have fun! It’s ok to be anxious especially when you’re going somewhere new, but don’t let the nervousness to get in the way of you having fun. Let go of your worries and enjoy yourself!
Looking for even more options for ideas to explore together? Check out our article 50+ Rain or Shine Things to Do in Denver for Young Adults.