Exploring the Mile High City: An Insider’s Guide to Denver

Denver, Colorado has it all. Colorado is known for epic outdoor excursions in the Rocky Mountain range. Denver isn’t far from beautiful nature and hikes ranging in difficulty and elevation. It’s the perfect playground for adventurers of any age.

Denver also offers an exciting city getaway. With museums, restaurants, tours, and breweries, you could spend many days just exploring downtown.

To make planning your trip to Denver simple, we’ve made an extensive list of activities to check out, including outdoor and indoor activities, family friendly fun, nightlife outings, and places to go to grab a bite and a drink.

Get a taste of the city life or explore the beautiful landscape Colorado has to offer. No matter what you do, you’re going to have a great time!

Read on for 60+ of our favorite things to do while you’re here in the Mile High city.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities
Image Credit: denver.org

For the explorer in you, check out this list of adventures that take advantage of Colorado’s great outdoors. From hiking to swimming to hot-spring-soaking, Denver and its surrounding areas have an open-air outing for every type of nature-lover.

If you’re coming to Colorado for a vacation, it’s likely that you want to explore the terrain. Use this list as a starting point and have fun!

1. Hiking


Hiking is one of the most iconic Colorado activities. You don’t need to go far from downtown to explore the beauty that the Front Range has to offer. In under an hour, you can get to a long list of gorgeous mountain hikes.

Also, it’s important to mention that not all Colorado hikes are difficult! If you’re a new hiker looking to strap up your boots for the first time, look for minimal elevation gain and a short length. Once you’ve acclimated to the elevation of Colorado, up the ante and take a longer hike or start adding some elevation to your walk.

Flatirons Vista North Trailhead (Easy, 3.3 miles)

Image Credit: alltrails.com

Located outside of Boulder, CO, just over thirty minutes from Denver city center, the Flatirons Vista Trailhead is an amazing starter walk. With very little elevation gain and an unreal view, this trailhead is a perfect introduction to the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

This 3.3 mile loop goes through a few types of terrain, including a desert-like stretch that houses tons of prairie dogs! Keep your eyes open for the beautiful flora and fauna on this hike.

When you get to the mountain’s edge, make sure to check out the valley below: it’s easy to miss the phenomenal mountain view! Then enjoy the rest of the flat stroll back to the car, cutting through forest and surrounding hills.

Trading Post Trail at Red Rocks (Moderate, 1.5 miles)

• Trading Post Trail at Red Rocks (Moderate, 1.5 miles)
Image Credit: alltrails.com

A short 30-minute drive from downtown Denver, Trading Post Trail located in Red Rocks Park is an awesome, quick hike featuring some awesome views. This 1.8 mile stroll loops around 10 incredible rock formations with around 400ft of elevation gain.

Red Rocks Park is located in Morrison, CO, which is an adorable mountain town with an awesome, quirky vibe. After your hike, check out downtown Morrison to grab a coffee and explore the shops.

Mount Galbraith Trailhead (Moderate, 7.5 mi)

• Mount Galbraith Trailhead (Moderate, 7.5 mi)
Image Credit: alltrails.com

For folks looking for a more rigorous hike, the Mount Galbraith Trailhead is a great fit. It’s not too extreme, with a moderate ranking, but it’s nice and long. Over 7.5 miles, you’ll experience about 1,800 feet of elevation gain. This is a great option for experienced hikers or locals who are acclimated to the elevation of the Mile High city.

Located only half an hour from downtown Denver, the Mount Galbraith Trailhead is accessible and gorgeous. Keep your eyes out for cute little lizards running around the path!

2. Climbing

Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

In addition to its hiking, Denver is known for having some of the best outdoor climbing in America. For folks looking to get on the wall, check out this awesome excursion introducing outdoor rock climbing. Rock climbing requires a lot of equipment and knowledge, so this class is a great way to climb without all of the additional necessities.

All equipment is provided, and the class is led by an expert climber. Located in the foothills of the Rockies, this class is a fantastic way to learn a new skill while taking in the gorgeous sights of Colorado.

3. Reservoirs & Lakes

Reservoirs & Lakes
Image Credit: cpw.state.co.us

Despite being known for its mountainous terrain, Colorado is also home to a long list of water bodies! Denver natives get out of the heat by swimming, paddleboarding, and kayaking in close by reservoirs and lakes. Cherry Creek Reservoir is a great place to stop and cool down.

Only half an hour from Denver, this reservoir offers a sandy beach and a boat ramp. Another option is Bear Creek Lake Park, which is located in Morrison, CO. Morrison is also only a half hour from Denver.

This lake features a sand beach area along with a beautiful surrounding park. If you hit Trading Post Trail for a hike in the morning, cool off at Bear Creek Lake!

4. Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Image Credit: redrocksonline.com

After you finish swimming at Bear Creek Lake Park, it’s time to stop by the Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a concert. Red Rocks is one of the most legendary music venues in America, with an outdoor arena built right into the rocks.

Red Rocks is only about half an hour from Denver, and even if you don’t see a concert, it’s a must-see spot. The rocks are spectacular and unique, and the amphitheatre is absolutely breathtaking.

Concerts run for much of the year, so check out the schedule before you head to town. Red Rocks also hosts a film series, if a big-screen movie is more your style! And when the weather’s nice, you can even attend fitness classes held out on the rocks.

5. Denver Botanic Gardens

5. Denver Botanic Gardens
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

For some outdoor fun right downtown, stop by the gorgeous Denver Botanic Gardens. With 24 acres of land, the Botanic Gardens offers a wide variety of terrain and vegetation to explore. This is a great excursion for families, too. The Gardens has a small interactive museum, a greenhouse, a Japanese garden, and more.

The Denver Botanic Gardens also hosts many different types of classes on a daily basis. From yoga classes to tea ceremonies, the Denver Botanic Gardens is a fantastic hub for culture and nature alike. With reasonable admission prices and so much to see, the Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the highlights of downtown Denver. And if you’re visiting near Christmas, check out their winter light walk!

6. Whitewater Rafting

6. Whitewater Rafting
Image Credit: whitewatertubing.com

If you’re looking to get your adrenaline pumping, you may need to head up to Boulder, CO for a whitewater rafting trip! Team up with Whitewater Tubing & Recreation for an epic adventure down Boulder Creek. Boulder Creek offers fairly mild whitewater depending on the weather, so it’s a great starting point for beginners. For only $30, you can gear up with rentals and enjoy tubing down the Creek with your friends or family!

Boulder is just over a half hour from Denver, making it a reasonable half-day excursion. If you’re looking for more intense whitewater rafting, touch base with Colorado Wilderness Rides & Guides. Their guided whitewater tours are about 3 hours from Denver, but will be more on the adventurous side!

7. Drives

Image Credit: pikes-peak.com

There’s so much to look at in Colorado. Sometimes the best way to take it all in is a scenic drive. One of the best drives you can take is up Pikes Peak. The peak of this mountain is at 14,000 ft., getting you up above the clouds to see the beauty of Colorado from all sides!

The base of the mountain is about two hours from Denver, just west of Colorado Springs. Make a reservation on their site for ease getting into the park and enjoy the exciting, winding drive up to the peak. The drive takes about an hour and there’s a donut shop at the top!

8. Biking

8. Biking
Image Credit: traillink.com

For some urban biking, check out the Cherry Creek Bike Trail. This 40-mile trail spans three counties, beginning in Downtown Denver and heading to more rural areas. Most of the path is concrete, providing ease and protection from cars and stones alike. It’s primarily flat, making it a nice, easy outing for folks just looking to get some fresh air.

9. Skiing & Snowboarding

9. Skiing & Snowboarding
Image Credit: eldora.com

It wouldn’t be fair to write an article about outdoor activities near Denver and skip skiing and snowboarding! Colorado is known for its mountain sports, and if you’re coming to Denver to make the most of Colorado, you need to head to one of the many ski resorts that aren’t too far from Denver.

Eldora Mountain Resort is the closest ski resort to Denver at only an hour west of downtown. While this resort is on the smaller side, its accessibility is unmatched and it’s a fantastic place for beginner-to-moderate skiers and snowboarders. Grab yourself a rental and enjoy the beauty of Colorado snow.

10. Hot Springs

10. Hot Springs
Image Credit: strawberryhotsprings.com

If you’re looking for some rest & relaxation in nature, you need to head to one of the many hot springs located in the Front Range. While there are indoor hot springs located only an hour away from Denver (Indian Hot Springs), for the full experience, take the day to head up to Steamboat Springs for beautiful outdoor springs.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs are worth the 3-hour trek. With gorgeous ambience and a variety of pools, the Strawberry Park Hot Springs is one of the most relaxing spots in Colorado.

Indoor Adventures

Indoor Adventures

While Colorado certainly has a long list of outdoor excursions to explore, Denver also offers some epic indoor adventures. From rock climbing to museums to art, Denver is rich in fun. You don’t have to go far to explore the many opportunities that the city of Denver has to offer. Check out this list of great things to do indoors while you’re hanging out in the Mile High city.

1. Rock Climbing

1. Rock Climbing
Image Credit: movementgyms.com

If you skipped the outdoor climbing class but you’re still looking to get off the ground, try rock climbing at Movement Gyms. These Colorado-born climbing gyms are located all around Denver, offering both rope-climbing and bouldering.

Take a class or, if you’ve mastered the basics, grab a day pass and get monkeying around! There are several Movement Gyms within a twenty-minute drive of downtown Denver, so give ‘em all a go!

Movement Gyms also offer yoga and fitness classes, as well as a gym. If you’re looking for a hub to workout while you’re in town, grab a 7-visit pass so you can enjoy the amenities on the daily for a great price.

2. Meow Wolf

2. Meow Wolf
Image Credit: meowwolf.com

For the eccentric artist, Meow Wolf is an absolute must-see. This quirky, five-story art experience houses some of the wildest art in Denver. This immersive museum allows you to see and touch things beyond your wildest dreams.

You can follow the story hidden in the experience or make your own as you explore each room. This wonderland is exciting for both adults and kids alike, so make it a family outing or take your partner there on a date! There’s truly nothing quite like Meow Wolf.

3. Archery Games Denver

3. Archery Games Denver

If your family or group of friends is looking to get a bit competitive, head to Archery Games Denver for an experience unlike any other. With the rules of dodgeball mixed with the tools of archery, Archery Games is a surefire way to make a memory.

Rent out the space or jump into a public game and make new friends. Experience the insanity of a game beyond your wildest dreams at Archery Games Denver.

4. Performing Arts

4. Performing Arts
Image Credit: denvercenter.org

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the performing arts in Denver. If you’re looking for a fancy cultural experience, stop at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House to see an opera.

If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, check out the Denver Center for the Performing Arts schedule. They host a variety of shows including brand-new musicals and classic plays. For a generous dose of the arts, Denver is a great place to visit. There’s always something to see!

5. Beer Spa

5. Beer Spa
Image Credit: oakwell.com

For a day of relaxation with a Denver twist, head to the Beer Spa. That’s right, you read that correctly. The Beer Spa is the perfect getaway for a pair or group looking to practice some self-care with an alcohol-infused element.

With beer tubs and accompanying drinks, the Beer Spa is an epic way to enjoy a unique take on a spa day. No vacation is complete without some rest and recuperation… Why not add some beer to the mix? It doesn’t get more Denver than that.

6. iFly Denver

6. iFly Denver
Image Credit: iflyworld.com

For an aerial adventure in the Mile High city, you need to head over to iFly Denver. iFly Denver is an indoor skydiving facility with a guided experience that is safe for all ages. Suit up and leap into the tube, where a wind tunnel will hoist you into the air, providing an amazing skydiving experience.

Your visit will start with a quick orientation and instructors will be there to support you the entire journey. If you want to make a memory while in Denver, this is a surefire way to do it. Head into the sky… indoors!

7. Denver Aquarium

7. Denver Aquarium
Image Credit: aquariumrestaurants.com

Get a glimpse of some underwater wonders right in the comfort of downtown Denver. The Downtown Aquarium hosts a variety of exhibits, shows, and classes to get you under the sea, even when you’re 5,200 feet above sea level! Visit the mermaids or take a paint ‘n sip class with the sloths.

Also, the Denver Aquarium houses a fantastic restaurant that is the perfect end to an educational and aquatic day. While Colorado may be landlocked, there’s no reason you can’t explore the wonders of the deep blue sea!

8. Coors Factory

8. Coors Factory
Image Credit: coorsbrewerytour.com

If you’re coming to Denver for the brews, you need to head just west of the city and tour the famous Coors Factory. Golden, Colorado is home to the original Coors Factory, and for only $20 each, you and your pals can explore the facility– tasting along the way, of course.

This hour-long tour is a great way to break up your day. Learn a little history and enjoy sampling some beverages as you go! Golden’s only a quick jog from Denver, so you won’t have to go far for this awesome tasting experience.

9. Butterfly Pavilion

9. Butterfly Pavilion
Image Credit: butterflies.org

Head over to the Butterfly Pavilion to experience more nature with the comforts of the indoors. This beautiful walk-through experience will have you interacting with bugs of all kinds!

The Butterfly Pavilion also hosts classes and yoga, making it a fun spot to enjoy some tropical weather, even if it’s snowing just outside the door! The Butterfly Pavilion has several different exhibits, making it a fun opportunity to learn while enjoying the subjects fluttering around you!

10. Wings Over The Rockies Museum

10. Wings Over The Rockies Museum
Image Credit: wingsmuseum.org

For even more learning experiences, head to the Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum. This museum is located in Hangar 1 of a retired Air Force base in Denver, CO. The museum houses loads of exhibits focused on the facts of flight: planes, rockets, and more!

Check out their calendar for special events, book a guided tour, or just head over and explore flying solo. If you’re looking for some cool, enriching experiences to add to your vacation, the Wings Over The Rockies Air & Space Museum is a great way to do it.

Kid-Approved Activities

Kid-Approved Activities

Denver is an awesome city for a family vacation. There are so many things to explore, from the mountains to the museums to the roller coasters at Elitch Gardens. Denver, Colorado is the perfect place for a trip with kids of all ages. Here are a few suggestions that will entertain both parents and kids alike!

1. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

1. Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Image Credit: dmns.org

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is not to be missed. This massive museum houses a broad variety of exhibits, including rotating installations that vary seasonally. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science also has a giant planetarium where you and your family can watch space documentaries on a gigantic dome screen.

With a food hall and awesome gift store, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a great way to spend an afternoon.

2. Denver Zoo

2. Denver Zoo
Image Credit: denverzoo.org

Once you’ve learned about nature at the Museum of Nature & Science, it’s time to see it in action at the Denver Zoo! Close neighbors with the Museum right downtown, the Denver Zoo is an expansive park that houses animals of all kinds. Monkey around near the primate enclosure or hang with the sloths in the Tropical Discovery habitat.

If you’re visiting in the winter time, the Denver Zoo also hosts a gorgeous Zoo Lights experience, displaying holiday decorations all over the park. Zoos are always a kid-friendly vacation staple, but the Denver Zoo is really extraordinary.

3. Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens
Image Credit: elitchgardens.com

What’s a family vacation without a trip to the amusement park? Take your family to Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park, located right in downtown Denver. This park features a long list of coasters, rides, and thrills, perfect for the family looking to get their adrenaline pumping.

Try the Sling Shot or the Brain Drain if you’re wanting to see the city from a new angle. If you’re looking for something a bit calmer, enjoy the Big Wheel or splash around in the Commotion Ocean. There’s a ride that’s perfect for every part of the family and, with such a convenient location, there’s no reason to not head over to Elitch’s.

4. Dinosaur Ridge

Dinosaur Ridge
Image Credit: dinoridge.org

If you and your kiddos are wanting to experience history out in nature itself, head out to Morrison, CO and hike around Dinosaur Ridge. You can explore the mountainside on your own, or you can take a guided tour and learn about the dinosaur history nestled right within those walls.

With a long list of fossils and tracks, the Dinosaur Ridge is an awesome way to flashback to the past while getting some fresh air. It’s amazing to think about the massive beasts that were once occupying this city!

5. Children’s Museum of Denver

5. Children’s Museum of Denver
Image Credit: archerygamesdenver.com

For an enriching experience for your little ones, check out the Children’s Museum of Denver. This museum will feel like a playground for your kid, with colorful exhibits and hands-on experiences at every corner. The museum has four themes: investigate, imagine, explore, and create.

Each theme has exhibits designed to spark your child’s inspiration and provide tools for play and learning. Watch your kiddo unlock their creativity in a fun, safe setting at the Children’s Museum of Denver.

6. Four Mile Historic Park

6. Four Mile Historic Park
Image Credit: fourmilepark.org

Take your kiddos for a blast to the past with this excursion. Four Mile Historic Park is a “step back in time,” with replicas, a farm, and rotating cultural exhibits. Walk around the park and enjoy chatting with the costumed educators, or head over to the farm for some four-legged fun.

Four Mile Historic Park also hosts a lot of events throughout the year, so keep an eye on their calendar. For the historian in all of us, Four Mile Historic Park is a must-stop vacation destination.

7. Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream
Image Credit: littlemanicecreamcan.com

No family vacation is complete without a big scoop of delicious ice cream. Stop by Little Man Ice Cream, located right in the heart of Downtown Denver. With a vintage vibe and a long, tasty menu, Little Man Ice Cream is the perfect place to recoup after a day full of adventuring.

And you’ll be slurping for a good cause: for each Little Man scoop purchased, a scoop of rice, beans, or other essentials are sent to help a community in need. For an ice cream cone with a ripple effect, head to Little Man’s.

8. Meyer Ranch Park Sledding

Meyer Ranch Park Sledding
Image Credit: jeffco.us

If you’re visiting Denver during its snowy season, you and the kids will want to make sure to take advantage of the awesome local sledding hills. Head over to Meyer Ranch Park, located in Morrison, CO for memorable sledding. This park is beautiful all year round, but is notable for its fantastic sledding, not far from Denver. There are hills of all sizes, for all abilities, ages, and thrill-levels.

9. Sporting Events

9. Sporting Events

Denver is a great stop for any family of sports fans. Whether you’re interested in football, baseball, basketball, or hockey, Denver has a professional team. Watch the Broncos run the pig skin at Empower Stadium or check out the Nuggets shoot hoops at Ball Arena.

No matter your interest, a sports outing is an awesome, fun way to enjoy the culture of Denver. Denver wouldn’t be Denver without its pro sports!

10. Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita
Image Credit: casabonitadenver.com

Take your family to the wild and newly-renovated Casa Bonita. Every Denver native has memories of their childhood in this eccentric restaurant & performance venue, but it closed in 2021. After being purchased by the writers of South Park, Casa Bonita has been revamped.

The chef is James Beard Nominated, and the entertainment is unlike any other. Eat delicious Mexican food and watch professional divers jump the high-dive while you dine. It’s hard to put into words how unique Casa Bonita is. You’ll have to check it out yourself!

Night On The Town

Night On The Town

While Denver is a great city for the family, it’s also a wonderful place for an adults-only trip. Take your partner or group of friends to Denver for an artsy, rambunctious evening on the town. With a long list of bars and clubs, it’s impossible to run out of things to do in Denver. Oh, and if you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, we have you covered.

Look at these articles for tips on planning your bachelor or bachelorette party in Denver! Now here are some awesome, 21+ excursions for the party animal in you.

1. Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club

Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club

For a fancy flashback to the 1920s, check out the Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club. This art deco jazz club features live entertainment and spectacular craft cocktails set in a calming and glamorous ambience.

Nocturne offers a menu of delicious bites to accompany you as you enjoy the jazzy tunes with friends. Take in the atmosphere and enjoy the step back into an era of liberation and innovation with the Nocturne Jazz & Supper Club.

2. Club Vinyl

Club Vinyl

If dancing is more your vibe, you’ll want to head to Club Vinyl. Club Vinyl offers a few different floors, each capturing a different musical vibe. Start in the techno room and make your way upstairs to the rooftop bar that features a lighter sound.

Club Vinyl’s four dance floors mean that you can shift the vibe of the party as often as you wish. Just go up a floor and experience an entirely new party! Check out their events page to see who is playing Club Vinyl next. You will not want to miss this party.

3. Comedy Works

3. Comedy Works

Comedy Works is the perfect stop for the crew looking to get their laughs on. Comedy Works features touring comedians from all over the country as well as local stars. If you’re feeling brave, get onstage at one of their new talent nights!

The downtown Denver Comedy Works is just below a great stop for dinner: Lucy’s Restaurant. Grab a bite at Lucy’s and then come down to the comedy club for a full night of entertainment. If you dine and watch, you also get preferred seating! Enjoy an evening of delicious food and rambunctious laughs at Denver Comedy Works.

4. Black Hawk Casinos

4. Black Hawk Casinos

If you’re looking to get a little risky without splurging on a trip to Vegas, head to Black Hawk, Colorado. This small town is home to 18 casinos. That’s right. 18. The city is under an hour from Denver and nestled between gorgeous mountains. Take a hike during the day, and then come lose track of time at one of the many Black Hawk casinos.

Gamble responsibly or just enjoy the energetic atmosphere of one (or a few!) of these casinos during your visit to Black Hawk. Casino-hop like you’re in Vegas, but in the cozy atmosphere of the mountains!

5. Clocktower Cabaret

5. Clocktower Cabaret
Image Credit: clocktowercabaret.com

For a little bit more risque fun, head to the Clocktower Cabaret for another blast to the past. The Clocktower Cabaret hosts a wide variety of entertainment, including comedy and burlesque performances. They also regularly host local bands and musical artists.

It’s a legendary stop in downtown Denver and an awesome, unique way to spend an evening while in town. The Cabaret is nestled underneath a historic Denver landmark, giving it a little bit of a speakeasy vibe.

Grab a cocktail and purchase a tiara off of their bar menu. What more could you need for a night out?

6. Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social
Image Credit: punchbowlsocial.com

Offering the arcade experience with a boozy twist, head to Punch Bowl Social. Punch Bowl is located right in the heart of downtown Denver, making it accessible and easy to wander into at the end of the night.

This large arcade bar features bowling, ski ball, ping pong, and more, coupled with a long list of local brews and yummy cocktails. A good time is guaranteed at Punch Bowl Social.

Make some friends and enjoy the playful atmosphere while sipping a cup of Punch Bowl’s daily featured punch.

7. Ogden Theatre

7. Ogden Theatre
Image Credit: ogdentheatre.com

Enjoy the rich Denver music scene by catching a show at Ogden Theatre. This movie-theater-turned-music-venue is a famous spot in Denver, known for hosting great talent with a fun atmosphere. The venue is extremely unique, featuring traditional architecture elevated with nightclub lights and a giant sound system.

Keep an eye on the calendar for performers you’d like to check out, or catch a band you’ve never heard of before. The Ogden Theatre only brings in the best; you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

8. Milk Bar

Milk Bar
Image Credit: coclubs.com

The Denver club scene has an atmosphere for everyone. If you’re looking to go underground, Milk Bar is the perfect stop. With a hidden entrance behind Bar Standard, Milk Bar is a great place to get the party started. Each night of the week highlights a few music genres.

If you’re looking for a mix of goth and disco, stop in on a Friday. If hip-hop and 80s jams are more your thing, pop in on a Saturday.

The Milk Bar’s DJs are off the hook, curating a unique musical and party experience that’s satisfying for all in attendance. Plus, the Milk Bar has an arcade room for folks looking to play their way through the party.

9. Tracks Nightclub

Tracks Nightclub
Image Credit: tracksdenver.com

Denver has a fun, vibrant LGBTQ+ community and an amazing queer party scene. Tracks Nightclub is an absolute staple. This massive club features dancing, drinking, and roller skating.

That’s right: roller. skating. Tracks also hosts some iconic drag queens, DJs, and special events, so be sure to keep an eye on their calendar. Each room in Tracks features a different vibe, so be sure to walk around the whole place to find your preferred sound.

Grab a drink and skate out into the roller rink for a fantastic, queer night on the town. Tracks is the perfect stop for the LGBTQ+ visitor to Denver.

10. Temple Nightclub

10. Temple Nightclub
Image Credit: templedenver.com

A list of night-on-the-town activities wouldn’t be complete without a plug for Temple Nightclub. One of the best nightclubs in Denver, Temple hosts an amazing list of guest DJs in a phenomenal venue. The sound system and lighting are unmatched, and the club’s overall vibe is off the charts.

Temple performances can feature aerial performers, street art, smoke, and unreal lighting effects. Temple Nightclub spares no expense in providing one of the most amazing party experiences in Denver.

If you’re looking to splurge, check out their VIP options. Temple has a wide offering of VIP experiences to elevate your evening! Whether you live it up as a VIP or pop in for a quick drink, Temple Nightclub is guaranteed to be a great time.

Best Denver Tours

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of a short trip to Denver is hopping on a tour. There are so many types of tours in and around the city. You and your travel buddies can learn about food, drinks, history, nature, and more with a quick guided tour. Check out this list of awesome tours to maximize your time in Colorado.

1. Denver Trolley

Denver Trolley
Image Credit: denvertrolley.org

Sit back and enjoy the amenities of downtown by hopping on the Denver Trolley. This trolley rides from 15th Street to Colfax, stopping at a few downtown highlights along the way.

Stops include the Aquarium, the Sports Hall of Fame, and the Children’s Museum. The trolley operates June to mid-August, so plan your trip accordingly. The Denver Trolley is an awesome way to relax and be transported to a time where Denver was entirely connected by a trolley system.

The Denver Trolley holds on to that history and provides a fun, convenient transportation experience right downtown.

2. Rocky Mountain Park Tour

2. Rocky Mountain Park Tour
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

If you’re looking to get out of the city and into the mountains, hop onto this full-day excursion to Rocky Mountain Park. With starting points in Denver and Boulder, the Rocky Mountain Park tour is a convenient way to get out into nature and do some learning on your way.

You’ll enjoy a beautiful, scenic drive and once you arrive in the park, you’ll have the opportunity to take a little hike or just take in the fresh air. You’ll enjoy several stops in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, making it a great way to see a lot without having to coordinate a whole trip.

Colorado locals know that the mountain drive is the best part. Let your tour guide do the work and enjoy the views along the way!

3. Downtown Denver Food Tour

3. Downtown Denver Food Tour
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

One of the best ways to get a good sense of a city’s culture is by taking in its food! On this

Downtown Denver Food Tour, you’ll be guided to some of the highlights of the LoDo

neighborhood’s restaurant scene. On this three hour guided tour, you’ll hit five different restaurants and explore the beautiful, artistic neighborhood of Lower Downtown Denver. A local food lover will guide you through the city, providing fun facts and answers to questions as you stroll.

You can add a couple alcoholic drinks for a few extra bucks and enjoy the food and drink pairings curated by the tour. For a tour that’ll leave you satisfied, the Downtown Denver Food Tour is a great pick.

4. Twilight Ghost Tour

Twilight Ghost Tour
Image Credit: twilightghosttour.com

For visitors looking for a thrill and a chill, take a guided tour through Denver’s most haunted neighborhood: Capitol Hill. On this walking tour, you’ll stop by some of the most chilling stops in downtown Denver and hear stories of ghosts, ghouls, and crime!

It doesn’t need to be Halloween to enjoy a little spook. This Ghost Tour is an awesome way to see a side of Denver you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Stay alert, as many of the visitors on this tour have experienced some paranormal activity as they explored these sites! Who knew Denver could be so spooooky?

5. Brews & Views Tour

Brews & Views Tour
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

Plenty of folks head to Denver to experience the liquid pleasures of one of the craft beer capitals of the nation. To capitalize on the many delicious breweries located around Denver, you’ll want to check out the Brews & Views Tour.

This tour will lead you to a few different cities outside of downtown, making it a great way to soak in the mountains while you soak up some booze! Your ticket will cover the first drink at each stop, and the Brews & Views tour guide does all the driving. Explore Colorado without the pressure to drive yourself back to the hotel.

6. Denver Graffiti Tour

6. Denver Graffiti Tour
Image Credit: denvergraffititour.com

Denver has an absolutely amazing art scene. While the city offers formal venues for art viewing, Denver also has a particularly vibrant urban art community. To take in the graffiti and outdoor murals that are plastered around the RiNo neighborhood of Denver, sign up for this Denver Graffiti Tour.

This two hour walking tour navigates through RiNo and highlights over two dozen pieces of street art. Learn the story of the works and enjoy getting to know another neighborhood of downtown Denver.

If you’re looking to grab some drinks along the way, check out their Happy Hour tour to quench your thirst while you stroll. Denver Graffiti Tours are only available on Saturdays and Sundays, so be sure to plan ahead and book your spot.

7. Garden of the Gods Segway Tour

7. Garden of the Gods Segway Tour
Image Credit: getyourguide.com

Take a trip south of Denver to explore the iconic Garden of the Gods. This amazing park features beautiful natural rock formations and amazing flora and fauna. While there are plenty of ways to tour the park, one of the most fun ways to do it is on segway!

The Garden of the Gods Segway Tour is a two hour excursion that tours the highlights of the Gardens, on two wheels!

An instructor will get you prepped on how to work the machine and, once you’re feeling confident, you’ll be off on a multi-terrain adventure around the park. Garden of the Gods is about an hour south of Denver in Colorado Springs. Enjoy the views and the ride with this tour.

8. Highlights & Hidden Gems Tour

8. Highlights & Hidden Gems Tour
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

For a two-wheeled excursion that takes you to all the highlights of downtown Denver, check out the Highlights & Hidden Gems E-Bike Tour! This two hour tour hits ten iconic Denver hubs in several different neighborhoods.

It’s a great introduction to the city. At nine spots, you’ll be able to stop and take photos, as well as hear some about the history of the city. Learn more fun facts about Denver than any local with this excursion!

Not to mention, if you’ve never been on an E-bike, it’s an experience unlike any other. Enjoy a fun way of getting around while you explore a ton of Denver landmarks.

9. Bike Tour of Downtown

9. Bike Tour of Downtown
Image Credit: tripadvisor.com

If good ‘ole fashioned bicycles are more your speed, check out this bike tour of downtown. This 2.5 hour tour will bring along 9 miles of downtown terrain, highlighting points of interest along the way.

You’ll ride on neighborhood streets, bike lanes, and even hit the riverside walk. The groups are small for this tour, so you and your travel buddies will get a highly personalized experience!

They offer daily rides, so no matter when you’re in town, this bike tour is ready for you.

10. Denver & Foothills Tour

Denver & Foothills Tour
Image Credit: viator.com

For a fancy tour around downtown and the Foothills of Colorado, check out this Denver & Foothills car tour. This private tour includes a luxury vehicle pick-up and visits to five highlights of the greater Denver area.

You’ll explore Red Rocks Ampitheatre and downtown Golden, and you’ll take in the views of Denver and the Front Range at Lookout Mountain. This is a half-day excursion with just your group, so for some quality time exploring Colorado, this tour is a great bet.

Denver Bites & Brews

A list of Denver recommendations wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of the fantastic food and beer scene. Denver is one of the leading craft beer cities in the world, and hitting up the breweries in the city is a must.

Denver also houses some fantastic, iconic eateries that are worth your time. Enjoy this list of Denver bites & brews to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst!       

1. New Belgium

1. New Belgium
Image Credit: newbelgium.com

New Belgium is one of the best known breweries in Denver. While their flagship spot is in Fort Collins (which is absolutely worth the trip if you have the time), the famous brewery has a spot in downtown Denver, too.

Heck, you can even visit them in the Denver Airport! New Belgium is the mastermind brewery behind Fat Tire and Voodoo. Tour their space at The Source Hotel in Denver or make the trek up north to their original brewery and experience the wonder that is New Belgium brewing.

2. Cerebral Brewing

2. Cerebral Brewing
Image Credit: cerebralbrewing.com

For a delicious brew with an artsy point-of-view, you need to head over to Cerebral Brewing. With two locations, one right downtown and one in Aurora, Cerebral is accessible and fun.

They have a long menu of brews, ranging from IPAs to sours, and the atmosphere of their brewery makes it a great spot to hang out. Cerebral brews are only available in the Front Range of Colorado, so enjoy it while you have the chance!

For non-drinkers, they also offer a range of non-alcoholic beers! Make the smart choice and head to Cerebral Brewing.

3. Golden Mill

Golden Mill
Image Credit: thegoldenmill.com

If you want to sample a whole slew of Colorado beers while enjoying a fun atmosphere and a delicious food court, look no further than the Golden Mill. Golden is just outside of Denver– a short twenty minute drive west will lead you right to downtown.

Golden Mill has a sleek self-service bar with dozens of drinks to sample. Help yourself to any size pour, giving you an optimal chance to taste as many Colorado beers as you can. Fear not, they also have wine and cocktails!

Golden Mill serves ice cream, BBQ, tacos, sushi, and more alongside their drink selection. It’s a great spot for families, too.

4. Odell Brewing Co

4. Odell Brewing Co
Image Credit: odellbrewing.com

Another iconic Colorado brewery is Odell Brewing Company. This family business was started in 1989 in Fort Collins, CO, and has since spread all over Colorado and into Arizona and Idaho.

They make a wide range of beers, ciders, and wine! Odell has it all. If you’re a hop-lover, check out their Myrcenary Double IPA. If something mellower is more your style, try their Sippin’ Pretty Sour.

Odell Brewing Co is a great place to take a group of folks with different palettes. They also have a few locations in Denver– one in Five Points and one in Sloan’s Lake– making it a very accessible stop.

5. Hops & Pie

5. Hops & Pie

When you’ve finished off your day of adventuring and you’re ready to grab a beer and a slice, head to Hops & Pie. This northern Denver stop is great for the whole family. They have an awesome food menu, a great atmosphere, and a long list of brews for the parents.

They also have sandwiches and wings for the pizza-averse. Hops & Pie has a massive patio, making it a perfect spot to recuperate with your travel crew after a day well done.

What vacation is complete without a delicious slice of pizza?

6. Union Station

6. Union Station
Image Credit: denverunionstation.com

For a great bite to eat and an awesome drink, head to Union Station. This historic landmark of Denver is not only a train station, but a fantastic hub for a night out. With ten eateries and bars, as well as a long list of shops, Union Station is a great place to recharge after a day of exploring.

You could do an entire restaurant and bar crawl right within Union Station! Union Station is also centrally located, making it a great hub no matter where in the city you are.

Grab a sweet treat at Wafels & Dinges or sip a drink in the terminal at Terminal Bar. Take in the beautiful architecture of Union Station while you enjoy.

7. Work & Class

7. Work & Class
Image Credit: workandclassdenver.com

If you’re looking for a “square meal, stiff drink, and a fair price,” you’ll need to head over to Work & Class. This fantastic restaurant and bar is open Wednesday through Sunday and located on Larimer Street in Denver.

Their menu is a fusion of American Southern & Latin fare, making it a comfort food heaven. Work & Class doesn’t accept reservations, but if you go in and need to wait awhile to get seated, you can get a $4 drink!

This simple restaurant has stellar food and a mellow, modern ambience, making it the perfect cut-to-the-chase eatery.

8. Sushi Den

8. Sushi Den
Image Credit: sushiden.net

Despite Denver’s landlocked location, we have a surprisingly popping sushi scene. Every Denver local knows that Sushi Den is the best of the best. This award-winning restaurant hosts a classic and impeccable sushi menu, serving a wide variety of sushi, sashimi, and rolls.

Sushi Den also offers a list of signature dishes for those who prefer their meal cooked! If you’re a foodie, keep an eye on their calendar. They often host Chef’s Tables that curate amazing culinary experiences.

And as far as sake goes, Sushi Den dominates. They have a huge variety of sakes on their drink list.

9. ChoLon

9. ChoLon
Image Credit: cholon.com

For a unique, exciting culinary experience, head to ChoLon. This Asian fusion restaurant sits at the cutting edge of tradition and innovation. Their menu is family-style, so you and your group can sample a ton of their one-of-a-kind plates.

ChoLon has a glamorous, edgy atmosphere, and it’s located right downtown, making it both cool and convenient! Try their soup dumplings to start and trust me: do not skip dessert. Their desserts are some of the best in the city.

Their modern take on classic Asian dishes is not to be missed. 

10. El Five

10. El Five
Image Credit: ediblebeats.com

Finally, for a restaurant with views that’ll take your breath away, head to El Five. This restaurant is a penthouse located in the LoHi neighborhood of Denver. The views of the city are unreal. Once the sun goes down, you can see the lights of Denver unobstructed.

This fantastic restaurant brings Mediterranean flavors to the forefront, highlighting the cuisines of Spain, North Africa, and the Middle East.

With a menu curated around sharing, they have a long list of tapas and a wide selection of paellas. Take your group here to enjoy some connective, cultural fun.

They’re you have it, folks: diverse and exciting list of adventures to take on while you’re in Colorado. Denver is full of exciting opportunities to see, learn, eat, and drink. With such a vibrant culture in and out of the city, Denver is a great place for your next vacation.

Hope to see you on the Front Range soon!