Bachelorette Bash in Denver: Where to Go and What to Do

Denver is one of the most spectacular destinations for a bachelorette party. Different bridal parties seek different kinds of bachelorette experiences, and thankfully, Denver has it all. From outdoor festivities to art museums to amazing restaurants, Denver is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the maid-of-honor tasked with planning the bachelorette adventure, check out this list of party ideas to fit whatever vibe you’re seeking. Read through the whole thing, or jump to the theme that fits the bachelorette party of your dreams!

Before we get started, let’s cover a few bachelorette party basics. PS, send this version to your husband’s best man!

You’ll need to know:

1. Who is coming?

2. When’s the party?

3. How will you get around?

Who is Coming?

Who is Coming

The guest list is a major part of determining the plan for the party. Are you just bringing your bridesmaids, or are you extending the invitation to more friends or family? Determining the size of the party is a huge part of planning a successful bachelorette bash.

Make sure to come up with your final guestlist a few months in advance so you can plan adequately for accommodations and activities. If the party is large, you’ll want to pick your food spots, too, and make reservations so you can all dine together!

You’ll also want to consider the vibe of the group you’ve assembled. While the bachelorette party is about the bride, you want to ensure that everyone is going to have a good time. If your party is entirely party animals or artsy folks, your job is easy.

But chances are, you’ll have a mix of interests and desires. The best way to accommodate all of these personalities is by picking a variety of activities that speak to different vibes. But don’t forget: the bachelorette party is for the bride-to-be! Keep her interests as your guiding force for decision making.

Make sure your girlies are all aligned on budget, too. You don’t want to exclude anyone with accommodations that are far out of anyone’s budget, but you also don’t want to cut corners on the experience. Give your pals a cost estimate ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

The more information you’re able to give your party guests up front, the better. That means selecting your guests nice and early so everyone has time to plan!

When’s the Party?

When’s the Party

Once you know who is coming, you can start picking dates. In your initial invitation, it’s nice to provide a ballpark, but you can definitely work out the details once you know who is interested.

Make sure to select dates far in advance. As mentioned above, the more time to plan, the better! You’ll want to have plenty of time to pick out activities and make reservations.

A spur-of-the-moment bachelorette party is possible for a really small group, but if you’re hitting the town with more than three or four guests, you’ll definitely want to make your plans early.

How Will You Get Around?

There are a few different ways you can tackle this problem. Depending on the size of your party, it may be worth it to investigate car rentals. If you’re staying around town, it’s probably easier just to use Lyft or Uber.

Now that you have the basics down, you can move onto the fun part of party-planning: the itinerary!

Each party below lists accommodations, activities, and eateries for multiple days of entertainment to mesh with a different party theme. Pick one party or mix-and-match activities to your specifications. Whether you’re here for a day or a long weekend, this list is sure to set you up for a fun adventure with your best friends.


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The Outdoorsy Adventurer is coming to Denver, Colorado to make the most of the city’s active lifestyle. Surrounded by beautiful landscape and filled with tons of opportunities to explore, Denver is the perfect spot for an adventurous bachelorette party.

Our itinerary for the Outdoorsy Adventurer includes a hike, yoga with goats, archery, ax throwing, and some great food and beer stops. This is the perfect bachelorette itinerary for the bride-to-be that is always on the move.


In all honesty, your Outdoorsy Adventurer bride might be most interested in camping. If that’s the case, check out this awesome resource for finding beautiful and accessible camping in Colorado. There are tons of mountain towns within a close distance, and the camping and lodging there are abundant.

If your bride is hoping to stay closer to the city, The Gaylord Rockies Resort is a perfect fit. Located west of Denver in Aurora, this amazing resort offers a fantastic water park attached to the hotel. There’s nothing better than splashing around with your best friends after a long day of exploring Colorado! There’s a gym, a spa, and spacious suites to relax with your gal pals.


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It’s likely that if you’re coming to Colorado, you want to do the most classic Colorado outdoor excursion there is: hiking! Colorado is packed full of beautiful hikes of varying lengths and difficulties. There are so many hikes available that it can be hard to narrow them down!

For a bachelorette party, you definitely don’t want to get too crazy with the difficulty, especially if you’re coming from a state with lower elevation. The Silver Dollar Lake and Murray Lake Trail is a perfect option for groups with varying activity levels. This hike is only 4-miles and is located a mere half hour from Denver city center, making it supper accessible. Just be sure your rental car is a high clearance vehicle, as the road to the trailhead is a little bit difficult! 

If you’re looking for a super unique activity to explore with your fave girls, you need to check out goat yoga. Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga hosts yoga events all over Colorado featuring the most adorable four-legged farm creatures there are.

The classes range in location, taking place at farms around the Denver metro area. Each class is between $25-30 per person, making it a super reasonably priced activity. Sidenote: they have special classes that feature baby goats. It doesn’t get better than that.

Should you require a little more excitement for your bachelorette party, check out Archery Games Denver. This epic sporty excursion consists of a dodgeball-style game, but instead of balls, you’re using arrows! Gear up and bring your A-game for a few hours of mischievous, playful fun.

There’s nothing cooler than coming home to your soon-to-be hubby and telling him you shot your pals with a bow and arrow. Archery Games Denver offers public games, with public offerings starting at $29 per person. You can also rent out the entire space for $475 for a few private rounds with your party.

Finally, for the lovers of a rugged experience, Denver offers amazing ax throwing opportunities. Grab your flannel shirts and head over to Axe Whooping, a beer bar and adventure facility located right in Denver.

This epic stop also offers a rage room, so if you’re looking to get out some pre-wedding stress, this is perfect for you! Prices start at $29 per person, and each ax throwing session comes with a coach to help give you a bit of guidance.

Denver Microbrew Tour

Denver Microbrew Tour
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All Colorado natives know this fact to be true: there’s nothing like a post-hike beer. As the craft brewery capital of America, Colorado offers a never-ending list of breweries to stop into. If you’re only in town for a weekend, though, you want to make sure your time isn’t wasted!

After your hike at Silver Dollar Lake, head over to the historic Denver Beer Co. This solar-powered, sustainability-focused brewery is a classic stop for natives. Their long list of brews coupled with their amazing atmosphere make this the perfect place to take a break mid-day. They have a few different locations nearby, making this a super convenient stop.

If you want the opportunity to sample a few different brews, snag a spot on the Denver Microbrew Tour. This drink tour will lead you and your ladies to four stops within Denver.

Denver Microbrew Tour offers a few premade routes, but for private parties, you can make your own! If you have a list of a few spots you’re dying to hit, why not string them together in an epic 2.5-hour walking tour?

After all that playing, your girls are going to be hungry! When your party is ready for a more substantial meal, head over to Avanti Food & Beverage. This indoor-outdoor eatery offers a long list of snacks, brews, and wines with a fantastic atmosphere. Sit at the rooftop bar or hang out in the open-air dining hall for an awesome party vibe, guaranteed.



For the bachelorette party looking for rest and rejuvenation, check out this relaxing itinerary. Featuring bougie spas, delicious & luxurious bites, and calming activities, this bachelorette party is perfect for the bride looking to recharge. Denver is a fantastic place to catch some R&R.


If you’re looking for a luxurious and private place to unwind with your girlfriends, check out this beautiful bed & breakfast. Flora House Denver was built in 1892 as a private residence and has since been converted into a gorgeous historical escape. Flora House offers a few packages for large groups, including a Top Floor Takeover and full house rental. The house offers a private garden, hot tub, and complimentary breakfast.


Samadhi Yoga
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What’s a relaxing bachelorette party without a trip to the spa? Located in south Denver, the Red Rocks Spa is a perfect stop for queens looking to get pampered. This spa offers group saunas, cold plunges, and steam rooms, as well as massages, body treatments, and facials. While this activity can be a bit of a splurge in terms of cost, the benefits are endless. Get you and your gals calm before the big day!

If you’re looking to get in touch with nature, check out the famous Denver Botanic Gardens. Take a stroll through the greenhouse or walk through the amazing Japanese garden and enjoy all the flora Denver has to offer. There’s endless green space for a picnic, and adorable mini gardens with a wide variety of atmospheres. Plus, if you stay at Flora house, you receive complimentary tickets to the garden!

Finally, if your party is looking to relax with a little bit of gentle movement, try out Samadhi Yoga. This yoga studio features a wide range of yoga styles, including vinyasa, yin, and hatha. If you’re lucky, you’ll be in town during a sound bath or yoga nidra class, which will be perfect opportunities for maximum relaxation.

Denver is known for its large yoga community, and you’d be remiss to not get involved. Samadhi Yoga is a fantastic studio with approachable prices for you and your gals.

Bistro LeRoux

Bistro LeRoux
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Located in the Berkley neighborhood of Denver, Vin Rouge Wine Bar is a must-stop for bachelorette parties. This woman-owned, woman-run wine bar offers a beautiful, calming atmosphere and wide selection of organic and delicious wines.

With a changing menu of flights and fantastic charcuterie options, Vin Rouge Wine Bar is the perfect place to catch up with your gals before dinner. The wine list is long and the bartenders are knowledgeable, so try something new as you let loose at the end of your relaxing day!

When you’re ready for a full meal, take a trip to downtown Denver and visit Bistro LeRoux. This European-inspired menu offers a trip across the pond, featuring gourmet French staples served in a beautiful aesthetic environment. The atmosphere of Bistro LeRoux exudes glamor, channeling art deco vibes.

Bistro LeRoux often offers tasting dinners as well, so if you’re looking for a multi-course culinary experience, be sure to check out their events page. Their cocktails are to die for, and their wine list is extraordinary, so if you’re looking for a delicious way to end your day in paradise, look no further!


Urban art
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Denver is known for its epic art scene. With extensive museums, neverending urban art, and a long list of cool concert venues, Denver is the perfect spot for an artsy bachelorette party. This itinerary features indoor and outdoor artistic adventures alongside fun, creative food options to guarantee you have the most inspiring bachelorette party of all time.


There are quite a few artistic hotels in Denver, but The Maven takes the cake. This glamorous, boutique hotel in the heart of Denver offers a luxurious stay with great proximity to the city center. The rooms are minimalist with pops of vibrant art, perfect for relaxing and feeling inspired.

The Maven also offers discounts for a long list of nearby bars and restaurants, and if you stop at the front desk from 4:00-7:00 PM, you can snag a house margarita, glass of wine, or a beer! The Maven is the epitome of artsy glamor coupled with fantastic accessibility.


Aerial Cirque Over Denver
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If you’re coming to Denver to experience great art, you have to stop by the Denver Art Museum. This multi-building museum features a broad variety of art, with a mix of permanent and traveling exhibits.

Each building offers countless exhibits– you could walk around the Denver Art Museum for hours and never see the same thing twice! The buildings themselves are also a work of art. So if you’re in the mood for architecture, classic paintings, or modern art: look no further; the Denver Art Museum has it all.

If you want to do something that’s artsy and active, check out the aerial dance classes at Aerial Cirque Over Denver. These group classes will get your gals on the ropes, trying something totally fun and off-the-beaten-path!

Within the 1.5 hour booking, your bachelorette babes will get the opportunity to test out multiple aerial apparatuses, including the trapeze and the aerial silks. Each private party comes with the assistance of professional coaches, so don’t stress about your ability level! For some awesome photos and a cool circus experience, Aerial Cirque Over Denver is a must-stop.

It would hardly be a trip to Denver without stopping at Red Rocks to see a concert. Red Rocks hosts a wide variety of bands and musicians throughout the year. This outdoor concert venue is a staple of the Denver metro area and rightfully so: the extraordinary natural atmosphere is unmatched.

The acoustics of the venue are stellar, and the sunsets seen over the rocks are absolutely breathtaking. So check out the concert schedule and snag a few tickets to the most memorable concert of your life!


Sushi Rama RiNo
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When you and your gals are ready to grab a bite, stop in to Sushi Rama RiNo for an artsy sushi experience. This retro, 1970s-themed sushi bar offers the iconic sushi conveyor belt, making it a memorable and tasty sushi stop.

he atmosphere is super artsy, featuring pop art on the walls and a jukebox blasting the Chef’s favorite songs. The restaurant emphasizes bringing fun to the sushi experience. Check out their happy hour or weekly all-day specials for a bang-for-your-buck bite of fresh fish.

Once you’ve finished your day taking in the beauty and culture of Denver, you’ll need to grab a late night drink. OK Yeah is the new personalized bar experience located in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver. 

The bars curate your drink for your tastes, making each concoction special and perfectly tailored to you. OK Yeah is the rooftop bar on top of the stellar restaurant Hey Kiddo. Hey Kiddo offers a fantastic and ever-changing menu, featuring iconic fried chicken among other delicious bites. Stop in to Hey Kiddo/OK Yeah for a truly enlightening culinary experience.


We’ve made it to the category you’ve been waiting for. If you’re a party animal looking to let loose in Denver’s epic nightlife scene, this is the itinerary for you. With pop-culture-themed accommodations, a fun day tour, and an evening packed with clubs, you’re guaranteed to have the rager of your dreams.


For a hotel fit for the girl’s night of your lifetime, check out the Curtis Hotel. This boutique, pop-culture-themed hotel is an eccentric and playful atmosphere to host your wildest ladies. With over 300 different themed rooms and an absolutely Instagrammable lobby, this hotel is the perfect spot for getting the party vibe going nice and early.

Located directly downtown Denver, the Curtis Hotel is in a super convenient location, near bars, clubs, and entertainment. They also have an onsite Starbucks for when you need a little bit of caffeine to get your morning-after started!

Day Activities

Pedal Hopper
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If you’re in Denver to party, it can be difficult to know what to do to get the party going early. Our suggestion? Triangle Denver drag brunch. Every Saturday morning, Triangle hosts a delicious brunch alongside a phenomenal drag show. This is an awesome way to get your party day started, with music, mimosas, and entertainment!

Their brunch menu is to die for, coupled with professional-level drag. You will not be disappointed at this morning outing! And, thank goodness, it doesn’t start until 10:30. If you’ve had a late night and need to sleep in a minute, you’ll still be right on time!

To keep the energy up after brunch, head over to the Pedal Hopper bar tour! This epic pedal hopper tour will lead you through the RiNo and LoDo neighborhoods of Denver, stopping at iconic breweries and bars along the way. For a flat rate of $295, you can spend 2-hours laughing and drinking your way around downtown Denver.

This Pedal Hopper tour is highly rated and you can personalize your route if there are any special bars you’d like to stop at in the RiNo or LoDo neighborhoods. This excursion requires a group of eight people or more, so grab your girls and get pedaling!

Night Activities

Glow Nightclub
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Finally– time to get to some nightlife activities! Denver is full of amazing clubs and bars to explore. The nightlife of Denver is energetic and exciting, and there’s a club of every theme and vibe you could imagine. One of the best clubs in Denver is Temple Nightclub.

The Temple Nightclub prides itself on hosting amazing, cutting-edge DJs and crafting a musical experience unmatched by anything else available in Denver. With shows Thursday through Saturday, you could attend Temple every night and never hear the same mix. Check out their event calendar and pick out your favorite artist!

Also, call ahead and make a VIP reservation if you want the full luxurious club experience. Temple Nightclub is not to be missed!

If you’re planning on club-hopping, head over to Glow Nightclub when you’re ready for a new vibe. This brand new nightclub hosts an amazing, literally “lit” atmosphere with an epic DJ. The LED-lit bar and endless photo opportunities make this a great spot for a glamorous, photo-worthy time.

If you’re seeking a naughtier excursion, though, you may want to stop by Hunk-O-Mania. This male strip club located in the heart of downtown Denver is an awesome, high-energy strip club perfect for the raunchiest of bachelorettes. With 8 PM shows on Fridays and Saturdays, bring your Magic Mike dreams to life at Hunk-O-Mania.

Finally, when you need some late night eats, stop by The Porchetta House. This delicious eatery is open until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, making it a great place to visit after your night on the town.

The Porchetta House serves the absolute best Italian comfort food, so fill up your empty stomach with a massive order of fries or their famous pork belly sandwich. A more memorable experience than post-club pizza, The Porchetta House is sure to be a party pleaser.



If you’re looking to drink and dine well, Denver is a perfect spot. With a seemingly endless list of high-quality bars and restaurants, it’s hard to pick which eateries to hit. Use this foodie itinerary for the culinary bachelorette party of your dreams!


For foodies looking for in-house delicacies, The Ramble Hotel is a no-brainer. This hotel houses the famous Death & Co bar, which is credited with bringing craft cocktails back to the Denver area.

The Ramble also hosts Super Mega Bien, the cutting-edge Latin American restaurant with a menu created by James Beard-nominated chef Dana Rodriguez. The hotel itself is glamorous and luxurious, with edgy art deco vibes and a decadence that will pair beautifully with the finest bottle of champagne!


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To kick off your day right without filling up your belly too much, stop at the new Call Your Mother deli on Tennyson Street in The Highlands neighborhood of Denver. This fierce bagel stop is not to be missed. They opened in late spring of 2023, and their bagels are so delectable they are known to have a line out the door on weekends! A quick stop at Call Your Mother is sure to set the stage for a day of fantastic bites.

When you’re ready for a more substantial sit-down meal, you need to head to The Bindery. This epic restaurant is also in The Highlands, and features an incredible brunch and lunch menu, coupled with a fantastic atmosphere. Not to mention, The Bindery offers a menu with six variations of Bloody Marys!

If you’re looking for a savory breakfast cocktail, The Bindery is the obvious choice. Get your drinks flowing nice and early while you enjoy the curated menu The Bindery has to offer.


Red Barber Rooftop Bar
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For a great foodie excursion, take your bachelorette besties on the Cocktails & Tastes Tour around Denver! This two hour tour features four stops, including four craft cocktails and three heavy appetizers for the great price of $85 per person. This ½ mile walk will get you and your gals moving and grooving to some of the best bars in Denver. It’s the perfect way to start off a night of memory-making!

If you’re ready to continue your cocktail adventure, you absolutely need to visit The Cruise Room in downtown Denver. This historic bar was the first bar to open when the Prohibition rules were lifted in 1933. This is Denver’s longest-running bar, with a beautiful list of wines and cocktails to prove it. The Cruise Room’s atmosphere, coupled with its phenomenal legacy, make it an essential stop on the foodie’s tour of Denver.

For those seeking a drink with a view, head up to the Red Barber Rooftop Bar. This North Denver bar offers a phenomenal list of drinks with an unbeatable view. They also have a selection of small plates if you’re needing a bite before dinner.

Red Barber Rooftop has a couple of areas that can be rented out for private groups of various sizes, so check out their Private Events page for information on booking a special area for your gals! Their drink list includes a long list of beer, wine, and handcrafted cocktails, so there’s something for everyone in your party.


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When you’re ready to splurge on a spectacular culinary experience, head to The Wolf’s Tailor for dinner. This cutting-edge, experimental restaurant thinks outside of the box and provides an ever-changing gastronomic experience to its diners. With a menu that changes seasonally and isn’t revealed to the guests until the conclusion of the multi-course meal, The Wolf’s Tailor is not to be missed.

If a thoughtfully-curated, multi-course extravaganza is what you seek… look no further than The Wolf’s Tailor.

If you want an upscale dining experience with a more traditional format, check out Wildflower. This modern restaurant offers their menu in the form of shareables, so you and your gals can try all the delicious bites available! Located in The Highlands, Wildflower’s menu also changes with the seasons. This restaurant highlights a fusion of Italian and Mexican staples, sourcing local ingredients that tell a beautiful culinary story.


For the wild and weird bachelorette party seeking a unique weekend, Denver is the perfect city. From odd excursions to quirky eateries, Denver is chock-full of opportunities for eccentricity. Check out these interesting accommodations, adventurous outings, and bizarre only-in-Denver stops.


If you’re seeking a cozy place to stay with your party that features a bit of a twist, look no further than the CatBird Hotel in RiNo. This cozy, quirky hotel is nestled in one of the most fun, artistic neighborhoods of Denver, making it a fantastic home-away-from-home for your bachelorette extravaganza.

This epic hotel comes with a Playroom, featuring free bikes, Vespas, GoPros, and more that you can enjoy during your stay. The CatBird also houses the Red Barber Rooftop Bar, mentioned above! For a guaranteed weekend of laughter, the CatBird is a perfect choice.



There is so much adventure to be had within Denver, and if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, head over to Elitch Gardens. This theme park and water park is a staple of downtown Denver. Elitch Gardens offers a mix of thrill rides and more mellow attractions, making it perfect for a group with varying degrees of courage!

If your bachelorette party is in the summertime, you’re definitely going to want to cool off in the giant water park side of the Gardens. With day passes starting at only $50, Elitch Gardens is the perfect opportunity to get a little wild with your gals!

A weekend in Denver is not complete without a stop at the insane, absurd Meow Wolf exhibit. This immersive art experience features dozens of rooms of the wackiest art you’ve ever witnessed. You’ll feel like an alien, landing in a world never before seen!

This is also a highly Instagrammable adventure, with literally hundreds of unique photo opportunities. You could spend hours at MeowWolf and not see the whole exhibit. It’s a truly unique and epic excursion.

This article wouldn’t be complete without a nod to what makes the Mile High city so high… cannabis. Denver houses the first and only International Church of Cannabis. This odd stop was created recently after the Lutheran church established in the building found a new home.

Now celebrating the spiritual benefits of cannabis, the International Church of Cannabis hosts a combination meditation and light show in their beautiful, multi-colored weed cathedral. You need not ascribe to any specific dogma to enjoy the International Church of Cannabis, so long as you enjoy feeling that spiritual high!


Casa Bonita

When considering the most eccentric food option in Denver, one clear winner emerges above the rest. For a bachelorette party you won’t forget, head over to the iconic and nostalgic, newly renovated Casa Bonita. Casa Bonita has been closed for many years but was recently purchased by the writers of South Park.

This quirky restaurant now serves top-tier Mexican food and presents a show that is beyond your wildest imagination. Every night, Casa Bonita puts on a variety show that includes puppets alongside divers leaping into a pool 30 feet below them. The absurdism that is Casa Bonita is a surefire way to satisfy your eccentric bride-to-be.

If your non-traditional bachelorette party is ready to hit the town and grab a few drinks, head over to Milk Bar. This nightclub features a diverse playlist, varying genres each night. Pick a night that fits your vibe and enjoy the quirky atmosphere and fantastic drinks offered at this epic Denver joint. The club has multiple dancing rooms, as well as a side patio and a rooftop bar when you’re ready to cool off. For the perfect end to an outlandish bachelorette bash, head to the Milk Bar.

There you have it, folks! Whether you’re looking for a wild night on the town, an adventurous afternoon outside, or a day full of relaxation and rejuvenation, Denver has what you’re looking for.

Use our set itineraries to make a perfect day or mix-and-match accommodations, activities, and restaurants for a vibrant and varied weekend of bachelorette fun. No matter what you choose to do, you can’t go wrong celebrating the bride-to-be in Denver, Colorado.

Here are some quick FAQs for planning a bachelorette party that will run seamlessly!

1. How do we pick a budget for the party? Who pays?

The bachelorette party planner should consider the financial willingness of the attendees. Traditionally, the guests of the party split the costs so that the bride-to-be doesn’t end up having to front any portion of the bill.

Make sure that the group is comfortable with their costs before anything is booked– a surefire way to ruin a bachelorette party is by hitting everyone with a giant, unexpected bill!

2. How do we make sure everyone has a nice time?

One great way to ensure that the party goes off without a hitch is by making the itinerary visible before the party starts. Each partygoer will know what to expect heading into the event, which helps get everyone on the same page of fun!

And don’t forget: a bachelorette party is about making the bride-to-be feel special and celebrated. If everyone stays focused on that goal, there shouldn’t be any party poopers!

3. Should we make a dress code?

Sending your itinerary to the guests before the party is a great way to make sure everyone has what they need in order to dress appropriately for all excursions. If a restaurant or event requires specific attire like closed-toed shoes or a floor-length dress, put that in the itinerary or make a separate packing list to ensure everyone brings what they need!