5 of Our Favorite Corporate Event Catering Options at Archery Games Denver

Archery Games Denver offers a perfect opportunity to host a fun-filled, action-packed team-building event, ideal for organizations that promote healthy competitiveness. We’re a bit unique in that we don’t sell food or provide catering at our team building events. We let you choose the vendor of your choice or even make your own.

To make the process of From exciting games to a bar serving wine, beer and seltzers, while we have everything in place to make your team-building events fun and exciting, we understand the importance of a full culinary experience in shaping the overall ambiance.

Thus, when you book our venue for a team-building event, we let you order food from your preferred vendor / caterer. To help you pick up a service, here’s a few suggestions for places that have catered to Archery Games successfully:

1. Ezcater.com: The UberEats of Corporate Event Catering

Ordering: Online

Cost: Varies by restaurant

Archery Game Staff Favorite: Yahya’s Mediterranean Grill

Website:  https://www.ezcater.com


If you are looking for a simple and convenient option, Ezcater.com is the perfect choice for you. This online platform dedicated to catering food for corporate events ensures that you get exactly what you order hassle-free.

With an extensive network of partner restaurants, Ezcater.com successfully caters to any group size, dietary need, or budget. From Mexican to Mediterranean, sushi to tacos, the platform provides a plethora of cuisines to suit every palate.

However, it is important to note that most of Ezcater.com’s partners are chain restaurants. Thus, it might not be suitable if you seek more local flavors or gourmet options.

2. Illegal Pete’s: Taco Bars for All Dietary Preferences

Ordering: Online

Cost: Taco bars: $14/person.

Archery Game Staff Favorite: Mexican Coke Carnitas

Website: https://catering.illegalpetes.com/

Illegal Petes

The next on our list is Illegal Petes, a local restaurant chain serving mouth-watering burritos for over two decades. Think of Illegal Pete’s as a more local version of Chipotle.

One of the highlights of their catering service is the popular burrito bars, which prove to be a big hit with large groups. Guests can customize their burritos to their liking, making it an easy option to please people with any dietary restrictions and preferences.

Illegal Pete’s catering is available for groups of 20 to 50 people, making it a perfect fit for both small teams and larger gatherings. Their packages start at $280 for 20 guests, offering exceptional value for a scrumptious feast. Illegal Pete’s has always done a great job of setting up

3. Post Oak Barbeque: Local Barbeque Catering for Meat People

Ordering: Email

Cost: 2 Meats, 2 Sides: $25/person

Archery Game Staff Favorite: Brisket, Jalapeno Bacon Mac and Cheese

Website: https://www.postoakdenver.com/catering

Post Oak Barbeque

Post Oak Barbeque is a Denver-based restaurant serving incredible barbeque dishes. We recently ordered their catering for our own Archery Games team-building event, and we were impressed, to say the least. The food is delicious, and they’ve always been on time for events

Post Oak’s catering packages serve a group of 20 or more people. However, if you have a smaller group, they will help you build an appropriately sized order from their menu.

With catering packages starting at just $25 per guest, treat your team to a delectable barbeque feast that will elevate your event to new heights!

4. Brooklyn’s Finest Pizza: Simple and Cost Effective

Ordering: Online

Cost: 18″ Pepperoni Pizza: $23.50

Archery Game Staff Favorite: Classic Pepperoni

Website: https://brooklynsfinestpizza303.com

Brooklyn’s Finest Pizza

When it comes to team-building events, nothing beats the classic choice of pizza.

Catering to groups of all sizes, from 5 to 200 people, Brooklyn’s Finest Pizza offers a simple catering option. Visit their website and fill out the form with details like group size, occasion, preferred type of catering service, and budget.

They’ll promptly provide you with a personalized selection of menus. Additionally, you can make special requests right in the form itself, ensuring a delightful and customized pizza experience for your team.

5. ViDa Eats: Custom Charcuterie Boards for an Upscale Experience

Ordering: Online

Cost: Classic Charcuterie Board for 10: $130

Archery Game Staff Favorite: Classic Charcuterie (3 meats + 3 cheese)

Website: https://www.vidaeatscatering.com

ViDa Eats

ViDa Eats, a newly-started catering service in Denver, has already made a name for itself with its delectable offerings.

They offer a diverse range of menus, and their chef personally collaborates with you to craft a customized culinary experience for your event. ViDa Eats goes the extra mile by accommodating allergens and dietary preferences, ensuring a delightful feast for everyone in the group.

One of their star offerings is the captivating Charcuterie Grazing Boards. Bursting with an assortment of artisanal cheeses, premium meats, and an array of delightful accompaniments, these grazing boards are a visual and culinary delight. The work particularly well for groups have events scheduled outside of a traditional meal time, but would still like to have some food available.

All their ingredients are locally sourced, and they use environment-friendly compostable platters and cutlery.

Final Words

No matter which catering option you choose, your corporate team building event at Archery Games Denver is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience filled with delicious delights and lasting memories. 

So, go ahead and make the choice that best suits your team’s taste buds, whether it’s from the curated list above or a restaurant that you trust. Get ready to indulge in a delectable feast and create cherished moments with your team!

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