The Best Locations in Denver for Team Building Activities

Effective teamwork drives a company’s production and enjoyable teamwork will improve morale. Motivational team building activities are a great way to improve teamwork within your company or group.

While 5 minute team building activities and team building activities for conference calls sound like a great option, they don’t produce the kind of long standing results that really impact the team overall.

The best team building activities are those that take enough time to allow group members to get to know each other and bond a little bit. Sharing, exploring and competing all strengthen the bonds being built.

Denver is a great place for team building activities. Whether you chose Denver as a place to bring everyone together or this is your home base, the city presents a ton of opportunities for team building that you and your employees or co-workers will love!

What Are the 4 Main Types of Team Building Activities?

Types of Team Building Activities

There are different types of team building activities designed to help level up different aspects of how your team works together. Those types of activities usually enhance one or more of the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Trust

Try to choose activities that foster growth in these areas and your team building activities will be far more effective. Also, try to vary your activities between mental and physical or choose an activity that includes both

How to Plan Fun Team Building Activities

How to Plan Fun Team Building Activities

Save the Date

First, pick a day and time of day that will be convenient for the people that you are going to invite. If you are working within the workday schedule, try not to choose Wednesday if you know that Sally takes every Wednesday off.

Choose a Location

Do you want to take a day trip? If so, consider who will be providing the transportation. If you are staying local, decide if you will travel as a group from the office or if you will all meet at the activity location.

Choose an Activity

Choose an Activity

It is important to pick an activity that everyone will enjoy and will help achieve your team building goals. A good example of this is a physical game that involves mental strategy. This type of activity would work on communication, creativity and problem solving skills while also building trust.

Create an Agenda

Once everyone is invited, it is time to let them know all about the activity and day that you have planned. Make sure everyone is aware of the day’s schedule and knows what they should and should not bring with them to the activity. Also, make sure to plan a time to grab a bite to eat if you are scheduling a full day of activities.

The Top Locations for Team Building Activities in Denver, Colorado


Now that you have chosen a time and date, let’s look at some of the best locations in Denver, Colorado for fun team building activities. Here are some of the top places where you can spend an afternoon in Denver building lasting bonds with your team.

1. Archery Games Denver

Archery Games Denver is a perfect team building activity because it engages team members on both a mental and physical level. It also builds trust between members of the team as they compete among themselves and work together to achieve objectives. Team members will need to use their communication and problem solving skills to come together and win the game.

Additionally, Archery Games Denver gives the team a chance to get to know each other in a low-pressure environment instead of just being stuck together for hours.

The best part is, Archery Games is a fun way to spend an afternoon and some chilly or rainy weather won’t force you to call off the day’s events.

2. Axe Whooping

Axe Whooping

This is another great physical activity. Axe Whooping is a local skill competition that allows you to compete as a team. The big plus here is that ax throwing is a sport that likely no one in your office has tried yet, which makes for an even playing field. You can learn something new, compete and support your team with this unusual activity choice.

3. Denver Microbrew Tour

Denver Microbrew Tour
Image Credit: virginexperiencegifts

Denver, Colorado is well known for being a hub of brewing. If you aren’t familiar with local microbreweries or you are exploring the area for the first time, Denver Microbrew Tour is a great activity. Not only do you get the chance to enjoy some of the best brews around you but your team will get to learn the art of brewing as well.

4. Delicious Denver Food Tours

Delicious Denver Food Tours

This is more of a “just for fun” type of activity. If your office is full of foodies or you are all coming in from out of town, this might be a good type of event for you. Delicious Denver Food Tours gives you the full culinary experience of Denver.

Options for their tour include the “Downtown Food Tour”, the “Cocktails and Tastes Tour” and the RiNo Arts District Food Tour.” These are guiding walking tours that last for about three hours, so wear comfortable shoes.

5. Smash It Breakroom

Smash It Breakroom
Image Credit: tripadvisor

If you work in a super high stress environment, you might want to check this one out. While a breakroom doesn’t exactly address any of the traditional needs f a team building activity, it does allow your crew to blow off some stress together.

At Smash It Breakroom you get the chance to safely break and smash objects until your stress is gone. This can be a cool and unique place for team building for small groups.

6. Upstairs Circus

Upstairs Circus
Image Credit: tripadvisor

Upstairs Circus is an activity that certainly allows for drinking, but it is far beyond a happy hour. Your team will have their creativity stoked as they create cool art and design fun projects. This is good for a team that needs a pick-me-up event or needs to get ready to spring into a new project.

7. Cozymeal Cooking Classes

Cozymeal Cooking Classes

Learning something new together and enjoying those skills is a great way to enhance cooperation and build relationships. Cozymeal allow you to do just that.

They offer cooking classes, experiences with private chefs and even online courses in cooking and mixology. As you can imagine, this team building activity is a little more expensive, but it is worth the money if your team is interested.

8. Warrior Challenge Arena

Warrior Challenge Arena
Image Credit: warriorchallengearena

For the athletically minded office mates, you may enjoy the Warrior Challenge Arena. Here your team will compete in athletic challenges that will get your heart pumping and your competitive juices flowing.

The nice thing is that each activity is customized for your group, but do keep in mind that everyone will need to be in reasonably good physical shape to enjoy this team building activity.

9. Peerspace

Image Credit: Peerspace

Peerspace provides event spaces with a concierge service. You can choose anything from urban to nature and even have catering. This gives you a space that is perfect for any team building event that you want to design and customize on your own.

10. Peak Rhythms

Peak Rhythms
Image Credit: peakrhythms

For a more laid back and creative team building experience, consider Peak Rhythms . Peak Rhythms provides a customized workshop where your group or team can come together and work on a music project. Not only does this encourage teamwork, but it fosters creativity and idea sharing.

11. Escape Works Denver

Escape Works Denver is a good team building activity for small groups. The escape rooms allow for between two and 12 people and take an hour to complete. Escape rooms are super popular and that is because they are a lot of fun. Besides just a good time, it will help your team learn to work together and incorporates communication and problem solving skills.

12. Wish for Wheels

Wish for Wheels
Image Credit: hangar2lowry

Sometimes the best way to build your team is to remind everyone of their common morals and values. One of the best ways to do that is to connect by giving back to the community around you. Check out Wish for Wheels where your team will have the opportunity to work on a project that provides bicycles to children that attend public schools in Denver.

13. CBST Adventures

CBST Adventures

For super active offices that would love to spend the day outside on a high impact awesome quest, look no further than CBST Adventures. They have GPS Orienting Quests that involve rope courses, slacklining and kayaking. This is not for the faint of heart. Make sure everyone is up for this one before booking your event.

14. Denver Casino & Poker Rentals

Casino & Poker Rentals

This is not a traditional team building activity, but it is a fun way to get everyone together outside of the workspace and build friendships. Denver Casino & Poker Rentals provide all of the equipment that you need for fabulous poker or casino night so the whole office can pretend they are in Vegas for a few hours of fun.

15. Bonacquisti Wine Company

Bonacquisti Wine Company

Of course, everyone loves happy hour and if you are from Denver, you know there is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to breweries, but wine is special. Nothing beats the fun meets elegance experience of a good wine tasting. Check out the Bonacquisti Wine Company with your work crew.

Final Thoughts

If you want to level up your production and morale, the best thing you can do for your team is work on team building. No one wants to go to dull meetings or long conferences. Plan team building activities that everyone will love and in the end you will get the best results. Let teamwork drive you past your competition.

If you are interested in competitive and social activities that will help your team develop their skills and competitive drive, call us at Archery Games Denver to set up your next team-building experience.