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The Best Locations In Denver For Team Building Activities

The Best Locations in Denver for Team Building Activities

One of the best ways to make a company more successful is by ensuring employees are cohesive and motivated to work hard. This can make all the difference when it comes to success or failure. However, it can be challenging to determine the best way to motivate your employees on a regular basis. One of the top solutions is team building – and Denver happens to be a fantastic city for the various types of team building proven to contribute to business success.

When you bring a team of employees together to work together, have fun, and get to know each other better, it can completely transform the workplace. Some businesses avoid team building activities because it requires effort, time, and money. However, the most successful companies know that frequent team events are a must, and plan accordingly.

Whether you’ve done team-building events in the past or are embarking on the first, we have some tips that can help. This article will delve into the benefits of team building, how to plan an event, and then offer a list of the best locations for team building around Denver. But first, let’s talk about types of team building that you can choose from.

The Four Main Types of Team Building

Team building is a great way to ensure a group of employees has excellent working relationships. It can work well to keep a team close or act as a way to bring a new hire into the group. There are nearly endless numbers of activities that you can use to strengthen the team’s bond. However, most of them can be broken down into one of four categories.


When you implement activity-based team building, each participant works with the rest of the team members to complete some kind of task together. This team-building option works by teaching employees to trust each other and work well together. In many cases, it also offers a way to get people out of their comfort zone by doing something they have never done in the past.

The activity used in this kind of team building can be an intellectual activity or a physical activity. Choose what works best for your team and the work you do. For active and young workers, a physical activity can be a good choice. This could be something fun like axe throwing, laser tag, or competing in a go-kart race.

For workers who have to do a lot of strategic tasks, an intellectual challenge can be the perfect option. Heading to an escape room offers a challenge that engages the mind and lets your team find the ideal dynamic for handling projects in the workplace.

Skill Based

Some companies might want a team to get better at a specific skill. If that’s the case for you, a skill-based team-building event can work well. The idea is to choose an activity that teaches the skill you want the team to have. This could be anything from leadership to negotiation or conflict management. These activities are created to increase skill levels which can produce better productivity.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a professional to help if you choose to go with skill-based team building. This often means that this type of team building is far more expensive than activity-based team building options.


Value-based team building involves a group of employees who work together on some kind of charitable activity. This is a way for everyone on the team to show their character and core traits. It creates a bond since working together to help the community is something that is memorable. In addition to creating bonds between workers, it also increases levels of employee engagement.

In the world today, most employees care more about companies that care about human values. This applies to the company policy as well as activities that show the company pays more than lip service to the world around them. A value-based team-building activity could be something like running a food drive, helping a homeless shelter, or donating part of the business profits to a specific charity.

Casual Bonding

When you want to create better relationships between teammates, it doesn’t have to be formal every time. Instead, you could head to a more peaceful location where the team can hang out and have a good time. Even going to a bar or a restaurant can be a fun activity for the team. While this type of team building doesn’t focus on skill-building, it lets employees get to know each other better in a casual environment.

The best thing about casual team bonding is that it’s largely inexpensive and straightforward to organize. It works well to reinforce bonds between members of a team. If you have a lack of time and money, these simple team-building options can fill in the gaps between more formal activities.

The Planning Process for Team Building Events

For those new to planning team-building activities as well as those who have done it dozens of times, the planning process can seem overwhelming. However, when you break it down into the steps of the process, you can focus on one thing at a time. This can make the planning process streamlined and less stressful, which is perfect for planning an event that is both memorable and fun.

Choose a Timeline

When it’s time to plan a team-building event, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind. The more time you have for planning, the easier it will be to get everything done. Most experts recommend setting aside around four to six weeks to plan an activity for a team of less than 100. For larger events, you may want to add a few months to the timeline.

After you have a basic timeline nailed down, the next step is creating a list with all the tasks that need to be done. You can use an Excel sheet, try out software for task lists, or choose another method that works for you. This kind of list is a huge help when you want to track items that need to be completed. If you work better visually, try making an Excel list and turning it into a Gantt Chart.

Decide Who is on the Planning Team

If the team-building event is something significant, having one person doing all the planning may not be appropriate. There are likely to be several tasks that need to be done at the same time. Having one person handling all of it can be an issue. If you need additional planners, set up a team to delegate and get opinions on decisions you need to make regarding the event. Set up a brainstorming meeting so everyone can be a part of the process.

When you have a team working on the event, this also gives you the ability to choose someone to take over if you have too much going on or have to be out of the office during some part of the process. If you aren’t sure how to solicit help, sending out a quick email can work well. Ask who wants to jump in and be a part of the planning team and you’re sure to hear back from others who wish to take part in the process.

Select Your Goal

Ensuring the team-building activity is both practical and fun will make it a good time for you and everyone who attends. This can be done by creating an objective for the event. In some cases, you already know this. In others, you might not have a specific purpose and will need to decide that on your own. Make use of the five “W” questions to define your goal. These include Who, What, Where, Why, and When.

Try to be specific with your answers and add as much detail as possible. You can see an example below:

  • Who: 20 members of the customer service team
  • What: An exciting activity
  • Where: Denver, Colorado
  • Why: As a reward for doing great last quarter
  • When: October

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you’ve built the objective for your team building event:

We want to reward our 20 customer service team members for doing great last quarter with an exciting activity this October in Denver, Colorado.

Make the Guest List

In the example above, the guest list is simple to create. It includes everyone in customer service. However, in some cases, deciding who should attend the activity might be a little more challenging. But don’t worry, there are several questions you can ask yourself to determine who you should add to the guest list:

  • Is the event required? Can anyone choose to sign up and attend?
  • What is the maximum number of individuals that the venue and budget can account for?
  • Are employees with disabilities attended? What about those who work on a remote basis?

Answer each of these questions and you can get an idea of who will be attending your event.

Build a Budget

Creating a budget is something that your boss will likely need to help you with. Make sure you know how much money is available for the event and what the budget expectation is. If there is no concrete budget, learn more about past team-building events to see what the budget was in those situations. This will ensure your costs are in line with other team-building opportunities.

The budget needs to be realistic, but you also want to leave some extra space for unexpected expenses. Some of the items you should budget for include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Parking and transportation
  • Activity provider fees
  • Permits and venue booking
  • Insurance

Make a table to write down plans for the costs of the team building activity and keep track of your expenses. You can do this in Excel or choose another method that works for you.

Decide On a Date and Time

This might seem like a simple step, but you need to be sure that the date and time fit into busy calendars before making a final decision. For instance, if you are inviting higher-ups to the event, you’ll need to be sure that these people are free before deciding on a date and time.

This also depends on what event takes place since some events might take a few hours while others can last a day or more. In some cases, making the event last longer gives more people the chance to add it to their day. Weather and season also matter. If the activity is outdoors, you want to choose a time of year with good weather.

Select a Location

Having access to the right location can be what makes your team-building event in Denver a success. Avoid the spots where your activity or group will have trouble finding accommodations. It’s also best to select somewhere nearby so travel costs and time are lower. Some questions you can ask yourself while choosing the venue include:

  • Will the team building activity be inside or outdoors?
  • Is weather something you need to worry about?
  • How many people can be accommodated at the venue?
  • Is there available parking, whether for cars of employees or another transportation service?
  • Are extra amenities like audio/visual equipment and Internet access available?

Once you have answers to these questions, selecting a venue that works for your team-building activity will be much easier.

Make a Checklist

Now that most of the critical factors have been decided, you can consider more minor logistics that come into play. When you have a checklist, you can ensure that all the little things are handled on the day of the event or in the days leading up to it. A few options to consider include:

  • Transportation – Is the company providing transportation or will employees need to find their own way to the event?
  • Food and Drinks – Is the company providing food and drinks for the participants?
  • Accommodations – Are employees staying in a location off-site overnight?
  • Liability Waivers – Are the team members required to sign some kind of waiver to participate in the activity?
  • What to Bring – What information do employees need to know before the day of the event? As an example, do they need clothing for hot or wet weather?
  • Special Circumstances – What sort of special arrangements are being made for employees with injuries or disabilities?

Create an Agenda

The team will want to be kept in the loop about what they are doing during the team-building activity. When you build an agency, it gives you a schedule of the day. This can be communicated with others so that they know what the day is going to be composed of. The agenda should have information about what the participants will be doing from when the activity starts, how long it is expected to last, and where people will meet up.

It’s a good idea to pass out the agenda days or weeks before the event but let them know that changes may be made. This can ensure everyone has the same expectations while having time to get excited about what the day will involve.


The Top Locations for Team Building Activities in Denver, Colorado


At this point, you know how to plan a team-building activity and have likely pinned down what type you want to host for your employees. As a business that operates in Denver, you’re in luck since finding a venue for your event is easier than you’d ever expect. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to have a drink and a burger as a group, participate in a new sport, or learn a new skill.


Since so many options are available, we want to share a few of our favorites. You can use this list as a starting point for finding venues that fit your needs. Take a look and consider your options. The most important thing is selecting a spot where everyone can have a good time while socializing and doing activities with the people they work with.


1. Archery Games Denver

For teams that have a lot of energy, there’s nothing better than trying a new sport. At Archery Games Denver, the team can blow off steam with a sport that takes the classic dodgeball rules and applies them to bows and foam-tipped arrows in an indoor event center. This is an exhilarating activity that will get the blood pumping and provide a little bit of competitive fun that brings a group together. The location is an excellent spot for your next team-building activity when the purpose is to have a good time and try something new.


2. Axe Whooping

Another fun location for a touch of competition is Axe Whooping, where a team of employees can learn to throw axes at targets. This is a great option to learn a new skill while having a lot of fun in the process. It acts as a great way to create a team-building atmosphere while feeling more like fun than work. The experience lets people connect with each other in a new location doing an exciting activity. Choose one or two hours of axe throwing or rent out the rage room to throw some plates.


3. Denver Microbrew Tour

If the whole team enjoys throwing back a pint, why not incorporate that into your team building? Denver Microbrew Tour is a unique and fun way to bring a team together in a new way. There are several choices of tours, including one designed for private groups. Participants get the chance to bond while trying new beers and ciders at various locations in Denver. This is an on-foot tour that is highly regarded by tourists and locals alike. In addition to getting to try new beverages, the tour gives participants the chance to learn more about Denver’s brewery history.


4. Delicious Denver Food Tours

Delicious Denver Food Tours is similar to the Microbrew Tour but focuses more on the city’s culinary delights. Most of the tours incorporate about an hour of walking and offer scrumptious dishes for those of all tastes. The tours are available as corporate events with privately guided food and drink tours at some of the best restaurants in the city. You can enjoy four to five food tastings, optional drink pairings, and a whole lot of fun for everyone. Corporate events typically start in the downtown neighborhood and move on from there.


5. Smash It Breakroom

If you are a group of younger individuals, Smash It Breakroom could be a lot of fun. The name of the game is destruction, but in a way that isn’t dangerous for any of the participants. The whole team can enjoy some much-needed stress relief and fun by destroying items like furniture, electronics, and glassware using baseball bats, sledgehammers, and crowbars. There are unique spaces for corporate events and the large rooms accommodate groups. Add music for even more fun at your next team-building event.


6. Upstairs Circus

When you step into Upstairs Circus, you get the chance to socialize with a drink in hand. However, this location goes beyond being a simple bar. Instead, the whole group can work together to create fun art and design projects. This maker bar can be a fun location for groups, especially those who work at creative companies. Your team-building activity will let everyone relax, get inspired, and have a whole lot of fun. There are two different locations, so you can pick the one that’s most convenient to the company and can make a night of things.


7. Cozymeal Cooking Classes

Learning something new together is an excellent way to bond and Cozymeal offers cooking classes that are ideal for team building. Choose from various options like pasta making, baking, sushi making, vegan, and more so the whole group can have a good time and then sample their meals when the cooking is complete. The company has unique offerings designed for team building that allow employees to enjoy delicious food while bonding and learning more about one another. There are even online options for those who have remote employees who might want to be a part of things.


8. Warrior Challenge Arena

At Warrior Challenge Arena, teams can come together in a fun and interactive way. Each team-building activity is customized to meet your needs and objectives to ensure your team can bond in a competitive environment. Many of the options incorporate physical activities while helping members build leadership skills, understand the importance of strategic planning, and identify their strengths. Other options include team bonding activities and workshops that are created to entertain while bringing the team together in a brand new way. The wide variety of options makes this a team-building venue for a business of any size or type.


9. Peerspace

If you want to create a team-building activity that is fully personalized and just for your employees, Peerspace offers the options you need. You can choose from a modern event space in the middle of the city, a private location out in nature, or something that falls in between the two. This gives you the ability to choose what activities you want and make sure the venue works perfectly for them. All of the event spaces are offered by hosts in the city, so you can ask them for tips about things like photography or catering. Peerspace also provides help with planning through their concierge services if you need furniture rentals, event staff, or special equipment.


10. Peak Rhythms

For a team of creatives or people who love music, Peak Rhythms could be an excellent option for team-building experiences. A group of people gets the chance to make music together in personalized workshops that boost creativity and help build a higher level of teamwork. The business brings the needed drums for everyone to take part in a fun musical experience. This activity can last from 15 minutes to three hours and is available for teams small and large. The team will learn more about the instruments of various cultures and participate in the healing and relaxing nature of music.


11. Escape Works Denver

Escape rooms are a fun way for team members to come together and learn to work together on puzzles that are a whole lot of fun. One of the best versions you will find in the area is Escape Works Denver, which is located in the downtown district. You can break up larger teams into groups of about 12 to take part in this team-building activity. Each team will head into one of five escape rooms, such as a casino heist or an Egyptian tomb, and try to work through a complicated puzzle. After it’s over, everyone comes together to evaluate how things went.


12. Wish for Wheels

When you choose Wish for Wheels as a team-building opportunity, everyone gets the chance to give back to the less fortunate in the area. The organization offers workshops that help them provide bikes to kids who attend public schools in Denver. The overall goal is to give bikes and helmets to all children in second grade within the school system. The workshop involves putting together bikes while going through challenges, such as answering trivia questions or wearing a blindfold. It’s a great way to do good while working together as a team.


13. CBST Adventures

If you want to enjoy some team building in the great outdoors, CBST Adventures is an excellent option in the Denver area. This organization offers various challenges, such as ropes courses, Olympic-style games, archery, slacklining, and kayaking. The GPS Orienteering Quest is a fun option where team members need to navigate to various outdoor locations using GPS while completing a variety of activities along the way. The team gets the chance to make decisions together while moving from one place to the next.


14. Denver Casino & Poker Rentals

For teams that want to live it up, Denver Casino & Poker Rentals offers a way to do it in style. The company rents out all sorts of equipment for playing casino games in a location of your choice. The games are brought right to you, whether you want to participate in roulette, blackjack, poker, or something else. Dealers are provided to run the games and the whole team gets chips that can be used when the night is over for prizes. It works well for groups of all sizes and lets you choose any venue you like for the night.


15. Bonacquisti Wine Company

Rather than just heading to a pub, the Bonacquisti Wine Company lets you enjoy a tasting at urban winery in Denver. The folks at the location are creative in terms of making their wines, sourcing grapes from across Colorado. While at the venue, the whole team can taste wines and then spend some time seeing the wine making process. This is a relaxing option for team building in Denver that can be a whole lot of fun.


Final Thoughts


Team building is a great way to ensure employees work together well, are productive on the job, and can handle all sorts of tasks and projects. All of the venues above are excellent locations for team-building activities and you can use our planning tips to ensure your next event is exciting and fun for everyone involved. Think about options that will appeal to everyone and then decide on a location that fits the bill.


Want to have fun, enjoy some competitive actions, and socialize as a team? Call us at Archery Games Denver to set up your next team-building experience. Everyone can learn a new game, have a ton of fun, and be ready to take on the world when heading back to the office. Wherever you go and whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something memorable!